Google Play System Update Reveals 10 New Items Added To Your Devices

Google Play Store AH NS 06

Recently, Google started posting changelogs for the Google Play System Updates that it rolls out for Android devices. These Android devices include smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and tablets.

While you can find a detailed changelog for monthly security updates, there wasn’t a changelog or even a blog that would mention what is in the new Google Play System Updates.

This makes the introduction of the changelog for Google Play System Updates a big deal. Because previously, users were unaware of all the new features or changes, the update added to their Android devices.


Google Play System Updates are fully automated. That is, you cannot search for them or install them on your own. They bring up fixes for important OS components, including connectivity, location services, Emergency alerts, etc.

Thankfully,  A new report by Droid Life mentiones that the latest update adds 10 new items to your Android device.

These 10 items include critical bug fixes for performance enhancements of the device and Google Play Store improvements. The January update page has now been updated, revealing in detail the changes brought upon by the latest update.


New Google Play Services update will be available as v22.02.03 and Google Play Store as v28.8

The new updates started rolling out for Android devices on January 14. It may or may not be available for everyone, but soon it will be live for all devices.

As far as the update version is concerned, the new Google Play Services update will be available as v22.02.03 and the Google Play Store as v28.8.

According to Google, the new update improve the Google account support experience. It also increases the security and privacy of the device by letting users add manual credentials to the Google Password Manager.


Moreover, the update also bring a new discovery flow, which will explain all the new stuff in a major operating system update. Android TV users will get a new way of signing in to their TVs using their Android phones.

Android phone users are getting an updated version of Contacts UI. There are several changes made to the Wallet area, which include SMS verification for eligible cardholders, improvements to the Wallet landing experience, and more.

The update also includes a few Developer Series items and improvements as well. If you haven’t received the update, then you can head over to the Google Play Store and navigate to Profile > Settings > About. Finally, tap on the Update Play Store button.