Google Pixel 6 Pro Gets A New Ultra-Wideband Settings Toggle

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The Pixel 6 Pro is the premium flagship smartphone from Google. It comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a flagship phone. Additionally, it is the first phone from the company to support Ultra-Wideband technology.

For those who do not know, Ultra-Wideband is a wireless technology that offers more precise positioning and location compared to standard Bluetooth signals.

Till now, there wasn’t a dedicated toggle to turn this feature on or off on the Google Pixel 6 Pro. However, according to the latest report by 9to5Google, a new Ultra-Wideband settings toggle has been added under the Settings app.


This new Google Pixel 6 Pro Ultra-Wideband toggle feature was a part of the December 2021 update. Notably, the company stopped delivering this update after a few days it went live, due to some bugs.

The same update also brings the new Ultra-Wideband toggle on board for the Pixel 6 Pro. Users can locate this new toggle under the Settings menu by heading over to Connected devices > Connection preferences.

It is placed at the bottom of the page, below Android Auto. Interestingly, this toggle isn’t accompanied by an icon of sorts, like every other menu item on the list.


Pixel 6 Pro’s Nearby Share is the only feature that makes use of Ultra-Wideband technology

Sadly, there aren’t many features that Google has built upon or introduced upon this Ultra-Wideband technology. So, the only functionality on Pixel 6 Pro that uses this Ultra-Wideband technology is the Nearby Share.

It allows for accurate positioning of the device. That is limited only if the other device is a Pixel 6 Pro too. We expect this scenario would change, and it will support other Android devices in the future.

All these limitations don’t really give you much room to play with the newly added Ultra-Wideband toggle on the Pixel 6 Pro. As of now, all you can do is use it as a troubleshooting step in the case, Nearby Share stops working.


Moreover, as noted by 9To5Google, the Ultra-Wideband feature will be turned off when you activate Airplane Mode. It cannot be turned on independently. Meaning you need to switch off Airplane mode and then turn on UWB.

The December 2021 Pixel Feature Drop update for the Google Pixel 6 Pro is on hold until sometime in late January 2022, as stated by Google themselves. The update is January will also come with over a hundred fixes.

So, users who have already installed the December 2021 update are seeing this new toggle. Whereas, the devices still running November update are missing out on it.


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