Google Might Finally Push Out That Pixel 6 Update On January 17

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about how bug-ridden the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been since they launched in October. Google was set to push out an update in December, with the December 2021 security patch that would fix about 100 bugs on the devices. But that update continued to get pushed back. Now, it looks like the Pixel 6 update is set to start rolling out on January 17.

According to the Canadian carrier Fido, it appears that the update for the Pixel 6 series will roll out on January 17. As it has updated its “OS Upgrade Schedule” to reflect that.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until users actually start seeing the update appear on the Pixel 6 devices. And who knows when that will be, since it has been pulled a couple of times already.


Don’t forget, that even if it does start rolling out on Monday, you may not get it on Monday. Google likes to do staged rollouts, and the beginning has very few people getting the update. To make sure there are no other larger issues affecting those that got the update. So it could be late next week or even later before you get it.

Pixel users have been waiting on this update for nearly six weeks

When Google announced the December 2021 update over a month ago, with a ton of bug fixes, Pixel users were ecstatic. Even though they still have not gotten the update, six weeks later.

That’s because the Pixel 6 series launched with a number of bugs that needed fixing. With the biggest one being the Google Assistant ghost calling bug. Which is a weird one, and pretty annoying.


Hopefully the update will start rolling out next week and we can all have a better experience on the Pixel 6. As it sits right now, it’s not great.

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