Google Launches Annual Plans For YouTube Premium & Music

YouTube Premium AM AH

Google has finally launched an annual plan for both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Now, Google is also discounting those plans this week, ending on January 23.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is only available for new users. Or at least those that are not currently YouTube Music or YouTube Premium subscribers. You’ll see options for an Annual plan for $107.99 per year, along with the family plan for $17.99 per month, and a student plan that is $6.99 per month. Keep in mind that the Annual plan does not include a one-month free trial. Like the month-to-month plans do.

Interestingly, Google does not show a regular price for the annual plan. So I guess we won’t know until next week, what that price would be. YouTube Premium is $11.99 per month. So a full year would be $143.88, but annual plans are typically cheaper.


YouTube Music also gets an annual plan

YouTube Music (without Premium) also gets an annual plan. It’ll cost you $89.99 for the whole year. Normally a whole year would be $119.99, as it does cost $9.99 per month. This pricing also ends on January 23, 2022. So if you want to save some cash and get a whole year of YouTube Music, now is the time to do it.

Google’s support page does show that this is not an automatically renewing subscription. So you will need to go in and manually renew next year – likely at a higher price.

It’s great to see Google offering an annual plan for both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Now if only they would show us the regular prices for the annual plans. And surprisingly, they are not raising prices on either service just yet – though they shouldn’t break them out, as Music is most of the cost of Premium. So you might as well spend a couple extra bucks and get YouTube Premium without the ads.


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