Google Fixes Misreading QR Codes Issue In Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 6 AM AH 3

Google has just released an update for its Pixel phones that solves the misreading of some QR codes in the built-in Camera app and Google Lens.

According to 9to5google, German publication Heise first reported the issue and said some Pixel phones misread the QR codes. Pixel series have a built-in QR scanner.

This problem was caused by having “false dots” in the URL, removing a character from the end of a URL, or moving a digit in the “www” section of a URL to its own section. Each of these scenarios would cause the QR scanner of the pixel phones not to work properly, and as a result, the link would not open.


However, Google has just released a server-side fix for Lens, and now the scanner works almost properly. The company also pushed a Camera update to the Play Store that solves the problem within the Camera app.

It seems that the QR scanner incompatibility is a problem from the Android side. Some OnePlus devices on Android 11 and Android 12 also reported a similar problem.

Google Pixel phones still have trouble with QR codes

The recent update by Google could solve the problem to some extent. However, some users have reported that their QR scanner misreads the Calendars. Incorrect translation, pushing back the date as far as a month, and ignoring time zone data are some problems reported by users. Google still hasn’t responded to the Calendar issues. However, the company may release a new fix in the coming months.


Google Pixel phones have been struggling with many software issues since the first weeks of their release. Google also has to provide updates to solve these problems constantly. A few days ago, we reported the external DAC compatibility issues in the Pixel 6 series. Google said that the update would arrive “later this summer.”

Ghost calling random contacts, incompatibility with Android Auto, and connectivity issues were noticeable problems at the Pixel 6 series.