Google Has Fixed The Screen Freezing Issue On Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 6 Review AM AH 02

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been getting much attention lately, but for the wrong reasons. While the devices had a good start to their life, issues started surfacing after software updates. Particularly, the December 2021 update introduced a plethora of bugs to the latest Pixels. The company has fixed some of those with this month’s update, but a few of them are still causing problems to users. One of those annoying bugs briefly freezes all touchscreen input. It appears a fix for this problem is finally on the way.

First spotted by Reddit user micku7zu (via 9to5Google), Google recently confirmed on its Issue Tracker that the development team has fixed this “freezing” issue internally. The company didn’t share many details but said the fix will roll out to the public in a “future build”. Hopefully, that’s the February update we are talking about here. Google will reportedly release the new update for all Pixel phones on February 7. So will it’s not a very long wait now.

Google took forever to fix this screen freezing issue

The Pixel 6 duo aren’t the only ones plagued by this screen freezing issue. Many other Pixel users have been reporting the bug since the Android 12 update in October last year. So it’s been more than three months that users are having to put up with this annoying bug. This suggests that Google is having a hard time fixing the plethora of issues with its Pixel smartphones.


This problem is caused by apps that use an accessibility service with the “canPerformGesture” permission. In simpler terms, an accessibility service that can perform gestures on the screen. But a bug caused the screen to freeze every time there was a drop in the battery level. Meaning, when the battery percentage drops 1%, the screen will briefly stop responding to touch inputs.

Of course, it can be very annoying to users, particularly during gaming sessions. Since gaming consumes more power than most other regular tasks you do on your phone, you’ll encounter this touchscreen freeze more frequently. This could ruin your gaming experience.

Thankfully, after numerous user reports and months of waiting, Google has finally fixed the issue. But it hasn’t yet confirmed that the fix will release with the February update. So you might want to hold back on your emotions for the time being. We will keep a close eye on this and will let you know as and when we have more information.