Google Drive Warns Users About Opening Suspicious Files

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Google Drive recently unveiled a new way to warn users about opening suspicious files. In this method, a large yellow bar appears at the top of the screen and says, “This file looks suspicious. It might be used to steal your personal information.

Google Drive is widely used by regular users, businesses, and executives. So it’s essential to keep everything safe. During Google’s Cloud Next 2021, the company announced its plans for protecting users against potentially harmful content.

Warning Drive


It doesn’t matter what kind of files you are opening, whether a picture, video or document. If Google notices anything suspicious, it warns you about opening it. The feature is now accessible to some users, but it might take a few weeks to be globally available.

Google Drive wants to increase its security level

Google Drive has taken some reasonable steps to protect its users in recent months. Since July, it now allows users to block accounts from sharing files. This is a part of Google’s plans to reduce harassment and abuses within its platform. The block users within Google Drive can’t interact with you on other platforms like Hangouts or Chats.

Of course, this is not the first time Google is using a warning feature. They previously launched a similar feature and Docs to warn users about the nature of the file they will open. However, these kinds of warnings may not help much to increase security, but they are ultimately a positive step.


Google Drive has been through a series of changes during the past few months. First, they launched ‘Google Drive for Desktop’ to replace ‘Backup and Sync.’ This way, users can easily switch between accounts without worrying about losing files. This will bring some benefits to users, including the unity between personal and business use.

Also, Google Drive now has a “Suggested Files” widget. The widget can show you the list of the files you mostly interact with and provide easier access to them.