Google Chrome 97 Gets Stable Release With A Bunch Of New Features

Google Chrome AH NS 04

New reports confirm that the Google Chrome 97 is now live via the stable channel. The app is available to download via the Play Store, but there are a bunch of new features that make this new update exciting.

The update not only brings some new features but also brings some refinements for the overall performance of the app. Access to some settings has also been made simple.

Talking about simplified controls, Google Chrome 97 makes the option of deleting all the data stored by a website a bit easy. In order to delete all data stored, you need to head over to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > View permissions and data stored across files.


Previously, deleting website data was more granular and required you to delete individual cookies. Google’s take on this decision is that deleting individual cookies could result in unintended behavior, which could break websites.

Notably, the option to delete individual cookies will still be available in Google Chrome’s DevTools. It is understandable, as granular controls are more apt for developers.

Google Chrome 97 also adds a per-site page zoom option on mobile

Google Chrome 97 also brings better international keyboard support for different websites for desktops. You might have faced issues where websites may stick to the US keyboard layout, even if the physical keyboard that you are using has different symbols on it.


Chrome has pretty solid keyboard support, and this shouldn’t be the case. So, Google is fixing this issue with the latest Google Chrome 97 update. A new API has been added that makes it easier for websites to understand the keyboard you are using.

Some examples where you will find this new API in action include MS Office when it runs inside other apps, such as Outlook or Teams. As noted by Android Police, this fix is introduced by Microsoft, so it will come to its Edge browser.

HDR improvements for CSS, which started experimenting with Chrome 94, is now going live with Google Chrome 97. Web developers can now make use of the CSS to scan whether the screen on which the content is currently displayed supports HDR or not.


Web apps have been tweaked to feel more native. All the progressive web apps that you install on your PC will show content inside the top app bar. If you wish to check this feature, you can install this demo website on your PC.

The per-site page zoom option is also now available on mobile with Google Chrome 97. This means you can save a zoom level on a per-site basis. Since Chrome is soon going to be 100 versions old, a flag has been added that returns ‘100’ (3-digit number) when you check the version number.