Getting Verified On Instagram: A Complete Guide For Influencers

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Social Media Platform Instagram has over one billion users and it’s no wonder both individuals and brands alike want to get verified on Instagram to tap into that huge audience. But how do they get the blue tick next?

Since its humble beginnings in 2010, the company has grown into an estimated worth of $100 billion, and it takes its account verification process very seriously.

Many bogus online companies claiming guaranteed instagram verification have outright fooled thousands of people, companies, and brands out of their money by making promises that are not only false, but may have done irreparable damage to the account. For this reason it is time to have a frank discussion on whether you can really “buy Instagram verification” and if it is worth considering the use of an agency.


What is Instagram Account Verification?

According to Instagram, verification via a blue tick on your profile is simply a way for people to know that the brand or individual they are following or searched for is indeed the true, authentic one. They also stress the fact that getting a verification badge does not mean that they endorse the account, nor do they necessarily deem it to be important.

It is however, super advantageous to have instagram profile verification. Apart from stopping impersonation or parody accounts from gaining traction by riding on the coat-tails of a brand, it’s also statistically known to produce 30% more engagement. Verification lends credibility to the account: People who see the blue checkmark on a profile immediately know that the account is worth following due to its status as a legitimate and authentic entity.

Last, but certainly not least, an instagram verified account usually scores higher in searches. When people search for content on Instagram within the same context as the brand’s category, it may appear higher up on the list.


Who is Eligible for Verification on Instagram?

Can anyone get verified on Instagram? The short answer is: No. The most important consideration to get an account verified is notability; if an account has a sufficient follower base, and exists in various other reputable places online, then the chances of getting the coveted blue badge are much higher, but still not guaranteed.

Earning Instagram Notability Takes Time

Being notable also means being remarkable, outstanding, important, significant, and momentous; not JUST being famous amongst followers. Trying to build a brand on social media from the ground up is a painstaking process that, given dedication and time, may eventually elevate a brand to blue tick status.

In 2022, influencer numbers surpassed the half a million mark, with almost half of that number being in the 5,000 to 20,000 followers bracket. It is interesting to note that Instagram claims to require 10, 000 followers to be eligible for verification, but this number is not written in stone. Depending on a brand’s notability, it can be verified with just over 5,000 followers.


Improving Notability is Tricky, but Not Impossible

Most people at this juncture of their Instagram journey already know the basics of how to get traction on Instagram: Making sure the account profile is completely and succinctly filled out, posting consistently every day (unlike Facebook, Instagram does not drop off engagement), utilizing all of Instagram’s features, (particularly the new sticker link feature which allows for external links to your site), following accounts with similar content and interests, and engaging with other accounts and profiles; these will all play a part in putting the brand in front of potential followers.

A good, solid focus on the original vision and mission of the brand or marketing outcomes is tantamount to achieving notability. Working on attracting buyers or sponsors or followers will need some kind of a marketing plan and goal. Consistency is key.

Notability for Influencers is a Different Kettle of Fish

Becoming a famous influencer appears to be the dream of most Millenials, who are attracted to the idea that making money from digital fame may be better than slogging away at a traditional type of career. And they’re not wrong; starting block influencers earn a few hundred dollars a month, while a top-tier influencer like Kylie Jenner reportedly makes $1 million dollars for a single post.


Influencers make money by aligning themselves with other influencers and by selling their ‘influence’ to companies that want to utilize their fame to gain recognition. In many ways, most influencers have a hard time climbing the ranks of notability, especially as their numbers are escalating, and they have to work harder to remain original, unique, and authentic.

Will Paid Advertising Get An Influencer Notability?

The biggest mistake is to get paid advertising in magazines that are labeled “sponsored” and then requesting verification. Clever agencies know this and they will only work with editors who will publish news about an influencer in a way that it leads to genuine earned media. Anything that says “press release” or “sponsored” will reduce your chances of verification both now and in the future. In fact, some agencies will tell you to delete old paid content first before re-applying with a clear earned media profile.

Using An Instagram Verification Service: Pros and Cons

There is a lot of information to take in when trying to find out about Instagram verification, especially when the web is full of companies promising guaranteed Instagram verifications.


“If you read about guaranteed verification, it’s 100% bogus,” says Adriaan Brits from Sitetrail, a long-standing business performance solutions company specializing in digital asset growth, which also has an Instagram verification service as a component. “Genuine notability is the only thing that will persuade Instagram because they are adhering to a prescribed method based on integrity and reasonably set metrics. Cutting corners can damage your brand. Instagram checks all of your sources. They can see when you’ve suddenly shot to fame for no apparent reason,” Brits said.

Understandably, people are always looking for that quick fix, but according to Sitetrail which has seen around 600 successful verification cases, the only way is genuinely earning it: “Usually, it’s people who have been declined and spent their money pursuing quick sponsored fixes that come to us looking for help. Being declined doesn’t mean you’re never going to be authenticated, but it also may mean you never will be if there are other issues of authenticity with your account”.

A good Instagram verification service will include building credibility via genuinely earned media such as interviews and editorial showcases which are representative of the real world. “Adding visibility using a high level of editorial support, along with strong connections with publications and the media is what sets a great verification service apart from the rest,” Brits said.


A good verification service should not only have great customer reviews (Sitetrail reviews are excellent according to independent rating agencies and Trustpilot), but should also include brand asset analysis of existing press exposure, then earning new Google News indexed content and then carefully curating and executing this content via professional writers. Published pieces are the ultimate social proof of authenticity, as highly ranked news sites will only publish relevant and interesting content.

Verification services available online are pricey – from $5000 to $15000 for a premium service, but some PR agencies will do the same job for no less than $30 000 for brand authentication. The trick is to find a reputable online company with a ton of genuine, mostly favorable customer reviews.

7 Steps To Verifying An Instagram Account:

It is only after this careful (but painless) process that the Instagram account should attempt to be verified, and it can be done in just 6 steps:


1. Make sure you have sufficient notability and an account in good standing.
2. Go to your profile and tap the three-lined icon in the top right corner.
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap Account.
5. Tap Request Verification.
6. Fill in the application form.
7. Submit!

After submitting it takes 3 to 7 days to be notified in the feed of a decision.
Suggested Video on Instagram Verification:

Joining The Ranks Of Influencers And Social Media Marketing:

Not everyone seeks to earn money from their accounts – the majority of verified accounts are held by people who are already rich and famous. But here is a thought which demonstrates why brands are happy to pay influencers for their services:

The marketing industry has evolved so much over the past decade due to social media and online platforms taking over traditional advertising spaces. What started out as free services on Instagram have become opportunities to advertise to a carefully targeted market on each platform.

Advertising specifically on Instagram can yield great results; according to analytics, 77% of users at least looked at an Instagram ad while scrolling. This is of course not a guaranteed click through rate and most agencies use this for branding and influence consideration.

A Final Consideration

Although it is not necessary to be in Forbes and CNN to get approved, it certainly requires appearing in close to ten news sites to confirm genuine popularity. In some cases a Wikipedia profile helps too. Upwork and Fiverr will most probably NOT get you there.

The value of a reliable Instagram verification service should not be underestimated, and it will certainly alleviate some of the stress of trying to figure out how it all works. But it is always wise to remember that there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to actual verification and you cannot “buy verification”. A legitimate PR service can only take the influencer to a certain point, after which it is only Instagram that decides whether the profile is worthy of a blue tick.

Following sound advice from experts, and understanding all the ways available to acquire an account verification status, will go a long way in knowing how the ability to gain trust from followers, building brand awareness, and carefully orchestrating action to improve visibility will help grow authenticity and notability over the long run.