GE Lighting Cync Goes Well Beyond Its Branding With CES 2022 Expansion

GE Lighting Cync CES 2022 announcements presser

Savant Systems Inc-owned GE Lighting is taking its Cync branding to new heights at CES 2022. Specifically, with the launch of a new portfolio of smart home gadgets bearing the Cync brand. The range of new gadgets includes not only new smart lights. With the launch of no fewer than 11 new products. But also new entries in the security camera, thermostat, and sensor categories.

Starting with the most familiar of GE Lighting products, the new Cync smart light bulbs include filament-style bulbs in a variety of styles. From candelabra to globe styles for “general purpose” use. Both full, customizable color and custom white options will be included in the new Cync family of lightbulbs. As well as the usual run of Wi-Fi features, including voice controls, scene scheduling, and more. Powered by the Cync app, without the need for any kind of add-on hub.

What’s coming from GE Lighting Cync that’s not a lightbulb for CES?

The new smart lights, like the other products here, will be controlled via the Cync app. Meaning that they’ll be compatible with remote controls offered via both Alexa and Google Assitant. GE Lighting also revealed its intention to make its products compatible with the Matter protocol in 2022. All of which has earned the app a CES 2022 Innovation Award. But lights aren’t the only products on the GE Lighting CES docket, either.


In addition to the new Cync smart lights, GE Lighting has unveiled similarly-featured smart thermostats, sensors, and cameras.

Starting with the latter, the Cync brand is getting its own set of outdoor camera options, in both wired and battery or solar-powered configurations. The cameras support 2K/1280P HD video, night vision, and come with a digital swivel head. Effectively allowing the cameras to track movement and moments in real-time as they occur. Both cloud and local storage options, via SD card, are available as well.

Finally, Cync has a brand new Smart Thermostat that can be installed without the need for a common wire. The announcement comes alongside the unveiling of a new Cync Room Temperature Sensor, which is designed to work with the Cync Smart Thermostat. Allowing individual rooms to be monitored. And, like the other products announced today, that’s also without the need for any kind of central hub.


Pricing and availability

In terms of pricing and availability, GE Lighting has been fairly open about what to expect from its CES Cync announcements. And, while functionality alone will likely make these some of the best affordable smart home gadgets, pricing is great too.

The above-mentioned Cync smart lightbulbs will begin to be available in March. And buyers will be able to order those from a range of retailers, including Lowe’s, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Prices will start at $11.99.

The new Cync Outdoor Smart Cameras and Accessories, GE Lighting says, will be available to order earlier than its lightbulbs. Starting in February, Buyers will be able to pick up the gadgets from the same locations, excluding Target, but those will be available starting in February. Pricing is a bit more clearly laid out as well, with the Wired variant of the cameras starting at $99.99. Battery-powered Cameras and Solar Panel Accessories will start at $129.99 and $44.99, respectively.


GE Lighting’s new Cync Smart Thermostat and Temperature Sensor will be available to order starting this month at the same retail locations as its new Outdoor Smart Cameras. Prices will start at just $29.99 for the Temperature Sensor and at just $119.99 for the Smart Thermostat.