Fortnite on GeForce Now introduces Touch Controls For Mobile Devices

Fortnite AH NS 08

Epic Games is still in a feud with Google and Apple, as it doesn’t want its popular game Fortnite to be on either of their app stores. According to the company, it and NVIDIA have developed a work-around to this little issue. The companies are going to introduce touch controls to Fornite on GeForce Now.

Epic Games and Apple are not getting along

Things are a little tense between Epic Games, Apple, and Google, as Epic opted to pull its popular battle royale game from their app stores. Instead, it wanted to host the apps on its own website. The company did this to avoid paying the (admittedly high) fees the platforms charge to host games on their platforms. There was a whole legal battle that went on between Epic Games and Apple.

With the apps off of the stores, it seems that players won’t be able to play their matches on the go unless they get the game on the Nintendo Switch. Other than that, it’s only accessible via PC or Playstation and Xbox consoles. While this probably didn’t put much of a dent in the game’s sales, Epic Games and NVIDIA came up with a plan to put the game on phones again.


Fortnite on GeForce Now could be played on mobile

The two companies came up with sort of a sneaky way to get its games back on phones, but it won’t be like playing the game like before. The two companies collaborated to add touch controls to Fortnite on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. This is the company’s game streaming service. Adding the touch controls to the game will enable people to play the game and have it streamed right to their phones.

We’re not quite sure just how T-ed off this will make Apple and Google as this looks like a big slap to the face for those companies. It doesn’t seem like there’s any ground for legal action, but companies find a way. If enough people wind up playing the game on their phones, there’s no telling if Google or Apple would want to pursue some sort of legal action.

How to play with the touch controls

If you’re looking to play Fortnite of GeForce Now right now, then you’re going to be disappointed. Right now, the touch controls are being beta tested. You can be part of this beta test, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get in.


Firstly, you’ll need to make an (or log in to your) NVIDIA account. Then, you’ll have to complete the questionnaire about what device you’re going to be playing on. Lastly, you’ll need to become a GeForce Now member. Whether you’re a paid member or a free member, you’ll have an equal chance of getting into the beta.