Fast Pair Is Coming To Chromebooks, Android TVs & Smart Home Devices

chrom eos fast pair

Google‘s Fast Pair system is one of Android’s best Bluetooth features. It makes connecting to supported Bluetooth devices such as TWS earbuds a cakewalk. The feature automatically detects nearby a device and lets you connect to it with a simple tap. Google has improved this system over the years and has also added support for more devices. But all this while, it has been limited to Android devices. The company is finally about to change that. Fast Pair is finally coming to Chrome OS, Android TV, and Google TV devices, as well as smart home gadgets.

Now, this isn’t the first time we are hearing about Fast Pair support for Chrome OS devices. Back in November 2018, the Android Developers Blog announced that the feature is in development for Chromebooks and will roll out in 2019. Merged code on the Chromium Gerrit last May suggested it’s still in the very early stages of development. But Google’s now saying that the feature will go live in the coming weeks. Hopefully, for real this time.

Additionally, Google will bring Fast Pair to TVs as well. Both the legacy Android TV as well as the new Google TV will gain the feature in the coming months. So if you have a compatible Bluetooth speaker or headphones, you’ll be able to quickly connect your TV to it with Fast Pair.

Fast Pair Android TV OS


Google is also extending Fast Pair support to smart home devices

The Fast Pair system has been around for a few years now. Announced in 2017, the feature uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to detect supported devices in your proximity. A pop-up on your phone’s screen will then let you quickly connect to those devices with just one tap. While Android has been the only supported platform so far, on the device front, the feature was largely limited to audio products. Google is now looking to not just support more platforms but a new category of devices as well. The company is promising to include smart home gadgets under the Fast pair umbrella.

This means you will be able to set up your smart home with the same ease as connecting a pair of TWS earbuds. Now, that’s exciting. The only thing to keep in mind is that the devices must be Matter compliant. For the uninitiated, Matter is a new open-source protocol that aims to simplify the diverse smart home ecosystem. The first batch of devices with the new system is expected to arrive later this year.