Even Reddit Is Trying Out NFT Profile Pictures

Reddit App Login Screen Logo July 2018 AH 2020

Twitter’s implementation of NFT profile pictures gathered a lot of reactions from the internet (mostly laughter). With YouTube being another major company to jump on the NFT bandwagon, it seems fitting that Reddit put in its chips. According to a report by TechCrunch, Reddit is not going to introduce NFT profile pictures.

What are NFT Profile pictures?

The main draw to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is that they are bits of digital property that can be owned by a person. A picture that’s minted into an NFT can be owned by one person and one person alone. It’s like having a digital version of the Mona Lisa.

When it comes to profile pictures, a person can have one if they can prove that they are the sole owner of that picture. As in the case of Twitter, if a person can prove that they own the NFT they’re applying as a profile picture, it will be housed in a hexagonal frame. This helps differentiate it from the other users. When people click on the picture, they will get information about the owner of that picture.


Reddit wants to add NFT profile pictures

Now, it seems that Reddit wants a piece of that action. News has it that Reddit is planning on using NFTs as profile pictures. If you don’t really use Reddit, this might not sound all that weird; however, if you do, you might do a double-take. Reddit doesn’t really use profile pictures, per se. The platform uses premade avatars that you can customize to your liking. It’d be a bit hard to set your avatar as a Bored Ape using the current system.

Either Reddit will let people assign an actual picture if they prove that they own it or they might sell custom avatars. The NFT avatars could each have a unique style and be purchased straight from Reddit.

This is only in the planning stages

While Reddit has announced its plans to bring NFT profile pictures, it told TechCrunch that nothing is solid just yet. Right now, they’re still in the planning stage of this venture. This means that we shouldn’t expect to see anything solidify for a while. Also, this could mean that we won’t actually see this materialize.


Right now, there are two sides to the NFT scene: the companies who love it, and the end-users who hate it. Most of the average users on the web really oppose NFTs’ slow march into the mainstream. This means that if a company is planning on getting into the market, it’s going to have to prepare for some pushback.