Eufy Fixes Security Blind Spots With Two New Cameras At CES 2022

Eufy Security Cameras CES 2022 pressers

Eufy took to CES 2022 this week to unveil two new smart home cameras aimed at fixing blind spots often seen in the security segment. Or, more precisely, two new product lines. That’s according to recent reports detailing the products.

Now, each of the new gadgets, which are dubbed the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual and Garage-Control Cam, fix different blind spots. And, as the branding implies, those are associated with the front door and the garage. But it may be the latter device that’s more interesting since it isn’t competing with quite the same array of gadgets.

The Eufy Garage-Control cam actually comes in two variants. The standard edition captures footage in 1080p FHD. While the Garage-Control Cam Plus captures in 2K. Both act as a garage door control unit, complete with a garage door control. But, in the case of the standard edition, only single-door control is included, while the 2K variant offers two-door control.


The company hasn’t said whether either needs to be hardwired into existing hardware. Or whether or not there are garage doors that it won’t be compatible with. Regardless, both also pack sensors to detect whether the door is open and offer alerts if it’s left open.

Additionally, the two gadgets allow remote open and closing of the garage door and geofencing for automation on that front. Both also recognize a variety of subjects via AI. Including humans, vehicles, and general motion detection.

No Eufy hub is required either, although 24/7 continuous recording with 4-second pre-roll features is part of the package. Eufy is including an SD card slot for those who  32GB of local storage, for those who want to go offline and avoid subscription costs associated with other systems. And up to a 32GB card can be used with the system.


Aside from garage cameras, eufy is bringing more security to the front door at CES

The second device announced by Eufy in the security cameras category is, as noted above, Eufy Video Doorbell Dual. As a video doorbell, this camera steps apart from its counterparts in its use of two separate cameras for monitoring and recording. The doorbell is wireless, lasts up to six months on a single charge, and comes with 16GB of local storage. The latter is provided via the included Eufy hub, dubbed HomeBase 2. So there are no subscriptions fees required.

In terms of features, Eufy Video Doorbell Dual comes with dual motion detection — radar and PIR — to detect humans. The first of the two cameras is a more traditional video doorbell. And, at a 2K resolution, has a viewing angle of 160-degrees. The second camera is pointed downward, covering a field of view of 120-degrees. Effectively, allowing it to monitor any packages that may have been left on your porch.

What’s more, Eufy Video Doorbell Dual can not only recognize humans. The company includes a “Family Recognition” feature so that it can recognize people that have been added for it to remember. And, of course, it can detect packages too.


Pricing and availability

For pricing, Eufy says its Video Doorbell Dual will have an MSRP of $259.99 when it launches on February 8. And that price will include the HomeBase 2, allowing interconnectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Garage-Control Cam will come, as noted above, in two configurations. The standard edition with single-door control will start out at just $99. While the 2K resolution variant, the Garage-Control Cam Plus, with two-door control will start out at $129. That could push them readily into any list of best smart home gadgets when they launch sometime in March.