E3 Will Be Online Again This Year Amid Covid-19 Surge

E3 6

CES was stripped of a lot of really important companies this year because of the pandemic. For the very same reason, the biggest gaming convention in the States, E3, will not have a physical event. According to VentureBeat, E3 will be a live streamed event.

E3 will be live streamed this year

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a stopper in many aspects of our lives, and live events were one of the main casualties. Starting in early 2020, popular events like CES, MWC, RTX, and others were either shut down or stripped down. E3 is no different; 2022 marks the third year in a row that it’s not hosting an in-person event.

The Coronavirus roadmap is full of twists and turns, as the delta and omicron variants are out and about. Because of this, it’s not clear if this will change before the actual event. Right now, E3 is still several months away, so it’s anyone’s guess at this point.


The event could be like last year’s online event

As it stands, there won’t be an in-person event, and this means that we’re going to be getting an online event. Even though a bunch of companies have resorted to online events in the past two years, the whole concept still takes some getting used to. Things get more complicated when you think about hosting an event as large and diverse as E3 online.

Last year, we had an online E3 event where companies showcased their latest games to the public via lives stream. We can probably expect much the same thing this year. Companies held keynotes on a stage just like a regular show, but there was no crowd to cheer them on (or boo them if they announce something bad).

We can expect big players like Bethesda, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc. to do this. Even though this will be live-streamed, it’s still possible that the keynotes could be pre-recorded and just broadcast.


While a live-streamed event sounds great, the smaller companies and studios that want to participate might be left in the dust. Unfortunately, not every company on the roster will be able to live-stream their presentations. This means that a lot of companies that would have, otherwise, attended the show will have to take a knee his year.

Information is scarce at the moment, so there’s not much that we know. To be honest, even the ESA itself might also be in the dark about what’s going to happen with the event. E3 is going to be online this year, and we have high hopes that next year, things will be different.