You Can Now Order Google Assistant To Stop Talking

Google Nest Hub Max AM AH crop in 2020

Google Assistant is one of the most advanced and intelligent voice assistants that you can use on various Android devices. However, when you want a simple answer from it, the assistant often continues to give you extra information that you may not need.

For example, if you want to know the weather in your city, along with the current weather, Google Assistant also shares information about the upcoming days as well.

Well, now you can simply say “Stop” to tell Google Assistant to stop talking. Yes! You do not need to say any hotword like “Hey Google” or anything else in order to stop it.


Back in I/O 2019, Google announced that it was adding the ability to cancel alarms by just saying “Stop.” Later, Pixel 6 gained the “quick phrases” feature last year.

Now, it seems like the feature to command Google Assistant to perform tasks, especially stop talking with any hotword, is making its way to smart displays and speakers.

On your smart displays and speakers, you can say “stop” to stop Google Assistant in the middle of a chat. This new feature was announced via an official Twitter post.


Other devices will hopefully soon receive this feature in the near future

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, this feature of stopping Google Assistant midway during a chat without using a hotword is only available on smart displays and speakers.

So, if you have Nest Audio, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, or any other Google Assistant-powered smart display, you can try this feature and interrupt the assistant once you have got the information you want.

The feature is yet to arrive on other smart devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, media streamers, or any other device that is powered by Google Assistant.


As noted by 9to5Google, this feature works with or without Continued Conversation enabled. Even if you have it turned ON, the top-left corner indicator will still appear.

Simply saying stop does the job pretty effectively. This is a nice addition to the assistant feature list, and now the conversations will sound more organic.

The Google Pixel 6 has a wider range of quick phrases, but that is limited to the phone only. However, this “stop” phrase is intended for a wider audience.


If the feature isn’t available for your smart display or speaker, then make sure that you have installed the latest version of the Google Home app on your device. It will probably arrive in the near future, probably in the coming days.