China Responds To Huawei Ban With A Bizarre Video

Huawei Logo China Flag Illustration AH DB

The controversy between China and the United States over the Huawei ban is reaching an unbelievable level. This time, China decided to stay away from the usual diplomatic response and make fun of Huawei sanctions with a video.

The video was released by China’s state news agency, Xinhua News, and it has a James Bond theme, which is a kind of sarcasm to the US and UK. The video was posted to both Xinhua YouTube and Twitter accounts, and it received a lot of reactions from users.

The main character of the video is James Pond. Two secret agents in the movie speak with an American and British accent. Also, the James Pond name can reference the series of ’90s video games.


One dialogue in the video that became very controversial is that the main character says, “that’s bloody outrageous.” Also, Gizmodo believes that using the catchphrase “ExSQUEEZE me” can be related to Mike Myers’ character Wayne from Wayne’s World.

This video kind of mocks the US & UK over banning Huawei

A part of the video also deals with Huawei’s accusations of putting a backdoors on its products. In another part of the video, the previous prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, and Germany’s Angela Merkel are mentioned. This was a strange move because they are not in charge anymore.

The video doesn’t seem to carry a specific meaning, but it’s more like a sarcastic video to show the US and UK that their sanctions can’t stop Huawei and China.


Huawei is losing international markets amid tensions with the US

Huawei is currently under the most severe sanctions. Western governments believe that Huawei provides censorship and human rights violations tools to the Chinese government. Huawei’s face recognition technology to monitor the Uyghur minority in China has become controversial. Also, Huawei reportedly tried to install backdoors in one of its projects in Pakistan.

The company reportedly provides information collected from customers worldwide to the Chinese government. Because of this, Westerners see Huawei as a threat to their national security. The UK’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Center (HCSEC) has previously reported that Huawei is very weak in securing its products, and its products are a good platform for cyber attacks.

Huawei recently released its 2021 financial report, which shows a 29-percent drop in revenue. In several stages, Joe Biden has also imposed new sanctions on Huawei and other Chinese companies. Huawei does not seem to have a way out of this dilemma in the short term.