CES 2022 Brings An End To Smartphones Listening With New Pozio Charger

Pozio Cradle Block Block Talk wireless charger CES 2022 Presser

Privacy-focused smart device solutions maker Pozio has a brand new wireless charger for this year’s CES 2022 event, dubbed the Pozio Cradle – Block. But the branding here doesn’t tell the whole story. Pozio Cradle is a gadget that’s also aimed at privacy. And, more specifically, at ensuring that smartphones, AI assistants, and installed apps aren’t listening in on conversations while they’re charging.

That, of course, means that Pozio Cradle functions very differently from other wireless chargers. Although, at a cursory glance, it does look similar, taking a stand-style approach to the category.

When activated by placing a smartphone on the cradle, the new Pozio device uses a “patented technology” to block mics on the device from hearing anything that’s going on around it. That’s in addition to offering fast wireless charging for just about any compatible smartphone.


CES has 2 Pozio Cradle charger versions, one that has a bypass and one without

For those users who may periodically want their smartphones to hear them, Pozio Cradle also comes in a second version that accepts a single voice command to allow that. By saying “Pozio Stop,” with Pozio Cradle – Block & Talk, users can kick off a timer that halts sound blocking for 30-seconds. Effectively allowing them to access on-device voice assistants or other voice commands. After 30 seconds, audio blocking resumes.

Best of all, there’s no local storage for Pozio Cradle and it isn’t cloud-connected. So the new wireless charger isn’t listening in either. That’s despite including a voice command functionality that isn’t found on even the best chargers. And that goes for both versions of the gadget.

Pricing and availability

The price of privacy-paired fast charging doesn’t necessarily come cheap, though. The Pozio Cradle charger, as announced at the CES 2022 event, starts out at $109. And those who want the ability to bypass blocking to talk to their device will need to shell out $119 for the Pozio Cradle – Block & Talk. Pre-orders for the gadgets are open now via Pozio’s site, linked above, in either a black or white configuration. And shipments will begin in March.