'BRATA' Android Malware Can Steal Your Data & Wipe Your Smartphone

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Another Android malware surfaced, and it’s called ‘BRATA’. Unfortunately, this malware can do a lot of damage. It can not only steal your data, but it can wipe data off of your smartphone entirely.

‘BRATA’ Android malware can not only steal your data, but wipe it altogether

This is essentially a remote access trojan, and it was used to steal banking details in the past. The malware evolved, unfortunately, and it can now do a whole lot more. Unfortunately, it includes both stealing various data, and wiping your smartphone data.

A computer security company called Cleafy (via Bleeping Computer) explained how this malware works. Its new version tries to evade antivirus scanners, keylog, and factory reset the smartphone.


As many other malware programs do, this one comes in various different variants. BRATA.A comes with the GPS tracking feature and factory reset capability. BRATA.B has those same features, plus some added code to overlay pages for specific banks, in order to capture login details. BRATA.C can actually download a secondary app that contains malware to smartphones.

Now, you can avoid being harmed by BRATA, of course. As with any other malware, this app will need some usage access rights in order to do damage. So just be careful to which apps you provide accessibility and admin access to.

BRATA can do a lot of damage

BRATA can use an accessibility service in order to view what’s on your smartphone display, and that includes keystrokes and various other information. If given proper rights, it can also factory reset your smartphone.


So, as always when it comes to installing apps, be careful which ones you install. On top of that, be careful what permissions you grant to which apps. If an app requires some unrealistic permissions, you’ll know something’s off.

There are many malware programs out there, in circulation, but pretty much all of them will need you to grant them specific rights in order to do proper damage. Also, be careful where you type in your login credentials, especially banking credentials.