TCL NXTWEAR Air Best of CES 2022 21

TCL actually made quite a significant appearance at CES 2022. The company took the chance to announce quite a few of its products during the trade show. The company announced two smartphones, six tablets, a 98-inch TV, its first robot vacuum, and the product we’re here to talk about. That product is called the TCL NXTWEAR AIR, and we’re looking at a pair of “wearable display glasses” here, which received one of our CES 2022 awards.

The TCL NXTWEAR AIR are the company’s second-gen “wearable display glasses”

These are not the first AR smart glasses out there, not even close, they’re not even TCL’s first AR glasses. They are the company’s second-gen AR glasses, and they are quite interesting. TCL says that the emphasis here is on comfort and style, as it did its best to refine the product. They weigh 30-percent less than first-gen smart glasses, while they’ve been improved across the board.

So, who’s expected to use these glasses? Well, whoever wants to enjoy some content, whether you’re on the go or at home, just make sure you don’t want around in them while you’re watching something. They can be quite useful for commuters, for example, as you can relax and watch a movie or something. They’re also great for kicking back at home, or when you’re traveling somewhere. TCL claims that watching movies on these glasses creates “a blockbuster viewing experience”.


They come with two 1080p Micro OLED displays which project a huge display in front of you

The TCL NXTWEAR AIR glasses feature two 1080p Micro OLED displays. They help create an immersive viewing environment, as TCL claims this is the equivalent of watching a 140-inch screen from 4 meters away. In other words, it’s similar to being in a movie theatre. They also offer a 47 pixels-per-degree resolution, which means you’re also getting a cinema-like level of charity as well. What also helps with immersiveness are the speakers. You’re getting two of them here, and those speakers will provide back stereo audio for spatial effects as well. You can also connect your wired or wireless headphones, if you prefer.

These smart glasses weigh only 75 grams with a standard lens. They do come with two exchangeable front lenses, though. Do note that you’ll need to connect these smart glasses to an external device in order to use them. They basically function as a second screen. So you can connect them to your PC, for example, and then fire up a movie to watch. It can be a great way to get fully immersed into something, and avoid outside distractions.

They’re compatible with a wide range of devices

The TCL NXTWEAR AIR glasses come with a Type-C port, and are compatible with a wide range of smartphones. You basically plug them in, and you’re good to go. They also work with many laptops and tablets. So, using them in collaboration with a third-party device should not be a problem whatsoever.


Another thing worth noting is that these glasses are not limited to watching movies and TV shows, not at all. Considering their second screen nature, you can grab a gamepad, and fire up a game as well. You’ll get a huge canvas in front of your eyes, and be able to get fully immersed into a game. All in all, the TCL NXTWEAR AIR glasses are quite an interesting piece of tech.