Best Of CES 2022: Arlo Security System

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 Arlo brought its A-game and a two-piece security system that was an easy pick for our Best of CES 2022 Award

Arlo took to CES 2022 with a new set of gadgets dubbed the Arlo Security System that was an easy pick for our Best of CES 2022 award. The system not only won the 2022 CES Innovation Award via the event itself. Effectively composed of two components, it brings real change to bear in the industry.

Now, it’s fair to say that is something that’s really needed in the space. The home security industry is, as often as not, focused mostly on selling more equipment and subscriptions rather than less. And one that too often likes to force subscription models for top-tier features.

The Arlo Security System is a true 2-in-1 setup to shake up the game

Arlo Security System comprises a central alarm hub and a multi-sensor into a workable, full-featured home security system. And, better still, works with existing traditional home defense products.


To begin with, the multi-sensor performs no fewer than eight separate functions. In competing gadgets, those functions are frequently meted out across as many devices. But here, Arlo has combined detection of doors or windows opening, pipes bursting, fires, tilt, water leaks, light or temperature changes, and more into a single gadget. Including the ability to hear and alert users to alarm sounds from existing smoke and CO2 detectors. Specifically, to T3 and T4 smoke and CO2 alarms.

All of that means that, for those who’ve already got those detectors, all that remains to be purchased is the Arlo Security System. And, of course, enough multi-sensors to cover the home’s doors and windows.

The multi-sensor, meanwhile, links up to a keypad alarm hub. That comes with a code entry pad, as well as buttons for the various functions. Including buttons to set the system to armed or not with varying levels of readiness. As well as quick dials for emergency services. So this is one device that’s bound to drive competition in its respective space. A space that itself is occupied by just a few other noteworthy companies.


Design for this system is another factor in its award but it isn’t the only one

Now, gadgets feature a minimalistic design that should fit neatly into any home space. The multi-sensors are not dissimilar in appearance to traditional magnetic or light-based door and window sensors. And the keypad utilizes large, easy-to-read iconography and numbers. So setup should be a snap when Arlo brings the gadget to market.

It goes almost without saying that Arlo Security System will be a great companion device to the company’s competitively-priced cameras and other gadgets. And, given that the pricing of those systems is so competitive, this one almost certainly will be too, when those details are finally revealed. But, in any case, it will almost certainly make for a great standalone gadget too. For those who don’t want all of the extra gadgets and clutter.

Taking all of that into account, Arlo Security System wasn’t just a shoo-in for our Best of CES 2022 Award. The new gadget was all but guaranteed to win the award from the moment it was announced.