Best Of CES 2022: Anker Video Bar

Anker Video Bar Best of CES 2022 21

Anker was quite active during CES 2022. The company announced quite a few new, interesting products. Those products include a portable 4K projector, the world’s smallest 100W GaN charger, and the device we’re here to talk about… the Anker Video Bar. The Anker Video Bar actually won one of our CES 2022 awards. This product is also known as the ‘B600’, and it’s a really powerful webcam.

The Anker Video Bar got announced at CES 2022 with a 2K camera sensor

Why is it special, though? Well, this is not your ordinary webcam, this thing comes with a light and speakers, all-in-one. On top of that, it also has a really capable 2K sensor, which is more capable than most other ones out there, when it comes to webcams. This camera can record at up to 30 FPS, which is more than enough for pretty much everyone, when it comes to webcam recordings.

Now, it beats most other webcams in regards to features as well. The Anker Video Bar offers field-of-view adjustments, autofocus, and AI-backed zoom and image enhancement. That’s not all, it’ll also use AI in order to make the environment around you less noisy, or eliminate noise all the way.


It has a light, and a set of speakers

I’ve mentioned a light before, and speakers. That’s also not something you find inside your regular webcam. Why does it have those? Well, that light can come in quite handy during conference calls, for example. Not all of us have proper lighting during such calls, and this can be quite handy in such situations, especially when sunlight goes away. Anker even has a feature called ‘MagicSight’ which does automatic light adjustments. You can also do it manually, thanks to a slider on the camera itself.

What about the speakers? Well, they’re also included in this rather compact package. We don’t know what they sound like, though they likely won’t replace your regular speakers. Still, if they’re at least somewhat decent, they can help you hear the other end without headphones. That’s all they’re meant to do. They’re not meant to wow you with sound quality, or anything of the sort. So, that’s also a nice addition by Anker.

As you can see in the featured image, this webcam does look a bit odd, but not too odd. It’s actually quite compact considering what it offers, and you can always cover its entire front side, to make it blend in a bit more. This webcam can be placed at the top of your monitor, that’s what it’s’ meant to do, though you can, of course, opt to place it somewhere else, if you want.


It’s not exactly cheap, but it could greatly benefit some users

Truth be said, this is far from being a cheap camera, at $220, which will be its price tag when it goes on sale at the end of this month. Still, if you want to have all those features in one webcam, this is a great solution for that. You will be paying $220, but you’ll get speakers, a light, and a really good web camera as part of all that, along with Anker’s added features.