Best Of CES 2022: Alienware QD-OLED Monitor

Alienware QD OLED Best Of CES

The Alienware QD-OLED is excitement personified

There were a lot of monitors announced at CES 2022, but none captured our attention more than the Alienware QD-OLED, which has won our Best Of CES 2022 award. It’s not as crazy as the Samsung Odyssey Ark, but when you think about it, the QD-OLED is much more approachable and is without a doubt going to be in more setups.

The Alienware QD-OLED is an ultrawide monitor with a 34-inch panel. Which may not seem all that exciting, that is until you realize that it’s a Samsung OLED panel. So expect this monitor to put out amazingly deep and rich color while also having fast response times.

34-inches is also incredibly reasonable for size. Meaning it won’t take up your entire desk surface but it’s big enough to feel more immersed in your games.


The monitor supports G-Sync Ultimate

One of the highlights of this monitor that we love is its support of G-Sync Ultimate. While you do need a more recent NVIDIA graphics card for it, if you have one you’ll get more “lifelike HDR.” Not to mention improved picture quality compared to monitors that have the standard G-Sync support.

The monitor also features a 175Hz refresh rate. That’s a bit slower than some monitors geared more towards Esports-level competition, but still really fast for most players. While we don’t know exact pricing yet, this is quite possibly going to be one of the best monitors for PC gamers this year. If not the best overall.

It has a ton of ports too. Including two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, and multiple USB ports. But really what all the excitement comes down to is that it’s an Alienware monitor featuring Samsung’s Quantum Dot OLED technology. Which Alienware says can provide better overall color uniformity and up to 99.3% of the DCI-P3 color space.


The monitor itself only comes in one color, but there are no complaints here because that matte white finish is enjoyable to look at. To top things off, there a 3-year warranty guaranteed by Alienware in case there’s ever a problem of burn-in. Which is usually a common worry for consumers with OLED technology.

So long as this monitor isn’t priced exceedingly high, Alienware has a real winner on its hands.