Audio-Technica Launches Two New Gaming Headsets Lighter Than Air

Audio Technica Gaming Headsets

Audio-Technica, known for creating some pretty good quality high-fidelity headsets, has today announced two models meant specifically for gaming. The ATH-GL3 and the ATH-GDL3. Both of which are designed to feel lighter than air.

Both models come with a “super lightweight” build, with the GL3 model weighing 230g and the GDL3 model weighing 220g. That’s compared to 369g on the Logitech G Pro X Wireless, 449g on the EPOS GSP 670, and around 310g on the Master & Dynamic MG20. Three of our favorite high-fidelity gaming headsets in recent months.

When Audio-Technica says these gaming headsets are super lightweight, the company means it. And that lightweight design will go a long way for added comfort during extended play sessions. Both models also come with detachable boom mics which, is always a nice benefit if you like to stay hydrated and/or snack while you game. Because you can easily remove the mic when you don’t need to use it for voice chat. Which means it’s not in the way.


The Audio-Technica gaming headsets come in an open-back and closed-back design

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Everyone has a preference on how they like their headset audio to sound. That’s just as true for gamers who like to use headsets for their experiences. So, Audio-Technica is giving the player a little bit of choice here. By offering both an open-back and a closed-back design.

The ATH-GDL3 is the open-back model, which features a more open soundstage. This makes it easier to hear surrounding noises while still staying immersed in your game audio. On the flipside it also makes it easier for outside parties to hear audio from your headset because the sound bleeds out a little. That’s the tradeoff.


If you prefer a more enclosed experience, go for the ATH-GL3 which uses a closed-back design. It’ll be slightly more immersive and you might be able to hear every little detail of what’s going on in the game. Which might be extra important for games that rely heavily on in-game spatial awareness.

But this also more or less shuts out all outside noises. So if you like being more aware of your real-world surroundings, the ATH-GDL3 is a better fit. Both headsets come in black and white color options, with pricing at $129 for the ATH-GDL3 and $99 for the ATH-GL3.

Both headsets are also compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and any device that has either a standard 3.5mm TRRS headset connector or separate mic input and headphone output ports.