AT&T Rolls Out 5Gbps Fiber Internet To Over 70 US Cities

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AT&T is in the process of improving its mobile internet service by deploying the C-Band 5G technology. The company is simultaneously upgrading its fixed fiber-optic broadband service as well. At its Life Gigified event Monday, it announced two new multi-gig home internet plans, offering blazing-fast speeds of up to 5Gbps.

Firstly, we have a $110 per month plan that will give you up to 2Gbps connection speeds. But if you want something faster, AT&T’s broadband service can offer up to 5Gbps of speeds at $180 per month. These two plans are also available to business customers, at $225 and $395 per month respectively.

Since it’s a fiber-optic connection, these multi-gig speeds are symmetrical, i.e. work for both upload and download. That’s important to note because most internet plans offer significantly lower upload speeds than download speeds. That could be a pain for someone who regularly needs to upload large files such as professionals working from home.


With up to 5Gbps of upload speeds, AT&T’s new home internet plans could save you a lot of time. That would be overkill for regular use such as browsing the internet, posting pictures and videos on social media, or even making video calls. But as more people are now working, learning, teaching, and entertaining from home, these upgrades are a welcome change.

AT&T notes that users would require Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices for optimal performance. But the company will provide a compatible gateway device to new subscribers for free. This is on top of the AT&T ActiveArmor internet security service and an HBO Max subscription. Additionally, as part of its “straightforward pricing” across the AT&T Fiber portfolio, the company will not charge any equipment fees or annual contracts. It is also removing data caps and promises to not increase the price at 12 months.

The upgraded AT&T Fiber internet plans are now available to customers

According to the company, both of its new plans are now available to more than five million AT&T Fiber customers in over 70 metro areas in the US. It plans to cover 30 million customers with multi-gig technology by 2025. Moreover, the carrier will also continue to increase its connection speeds. AT&T has already hit the 10Gbps mark in lab tests.


“As we set out to become America’s best connectivity provider, we’re doubling down on fiber in our broadband infrastructure,” said Jeff McElfresh, CEO of AT&T Communications. “With true multi-gig speeds, and symmetrical upload and download, AT&T Fiber will redefine how we experience the internet and drive innovation, from education, to work, to entertainment.”