Arctic Bearz – Ready To Take Over The IMX NFT Scene

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It will be traded on Immutable X, which is a layer 2 protocol for trading Ethereum NFTs like Arctic Bearz.

Right now, perhaps the most discussed topic there is across industries is the digital financial space and the topic of NFTs. This is because most of the professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, brands, companies, etc., are increasingly coming forward to be a part of the NFT game for taking over the crypto world and attaining much success out of the same. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such NFT called “Arctic Bearz,” all about giving back to the environment and saving endangered animals. The founders behind Arctic Bearz were clear about what they wanted to achieve through launching this unique NFT. They decided to help endangered animals and people’s crypto wallets by pointing the crypto light on climate change, which it has been endangering, starting with Polar Bears. That is how they came up with the idea of creating a unique NFT collection of 3500 Arctic Bearz, which is now ready to be minted soon.

A layer 2 protocol for trading ETH NFTs:

What has garnered even more attention towards Arctic Bearz right now is the fact it will be traded on Immutable X (IMX), which is a layer 2 protocol for trading Ethereum NFTs such as Arctic Bearz. Throwing more light on what it is exactly, the team at Arctic Bearz explains that it gives the users instant trade confirmation with massive scalability of 9,000 transactions per second and zero gas fees without any compromise on user ownership. Unlike others that compete against the Ethereum blockchain, Immutable X leverages the power and security of the same. They also explain that there are several advantages of using Immutable X for buying, selling, and creating NFTs like users can get access to their private keys, zero gas fees trading, secured by the Ethereum blockchain, 100% carbon neutral, and so much more. Also, it must be noted here that the world’s largest NFT marketplace, Opensea, will also be supporting trading on Immutable X.


Serving the WWF community:

More and more people are getting into the NFT space today for the kind of promise and the potential it has shown to them for growth and returns. With Arctic Bearz, too, people can make money by buying or reselling them for more. Also, the minting of NFTs generally gives a certain percentage of proceeds back to the charity related to the NFT project. In the case of Arctic Bearz, they will be donating 5% of proceeds to the WWF community. Arctic Bearz’s presale and whitelist price will be 0.1 ETH, and each buyer will be able to mint four bearz in presale and whitelist. For the public launch, the mint price will be 0.3 ETH, and they can mint four bearz. Users have to keep in mind that the specified prices are subject to change at a later stage. The founders of Arctic Bearz point out that NFTs today are much more than only a passing trend in the financial world. There are already several new applications to NFT technology, and still, the full potential of the space is only beginning to be explored.

Do visit its website, https://arcticbearz.com/, to know more.
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