Angry Birds Returns To Form With Its 1st Slingshot Game Since 2015

Angry Birds Journey

You remember Angry Birds, the game that took you on a journey to destroy the pigs and get back your stolen eggs? For a time, the franchise was one of the most wildly popular puzzle games on the planet. And as its popularity grew, so too did the library of games under the name. Transcending beyond the puzzle genre to include racing titles, RPGs, and even a movie or two.

But none of those other game types were as popular as the original formula. Rovio Inc., the franchise’s creator, has announced today that Angry Birds is finally releasing another slingshot-style puzzle game. This is the first game in the series of this kind in 7 years. So, since 2015.

It’s called Angry Birds Journey, and Rovio is calling it a “modern Angry Birds experience” that’s perfect for casual puzzle play.


Angry Birds Journey brings back the casual puzzle fun you remember

If you long for the days of Angry Birds in its prime, we can’t for a certainty say that Angry Birds Journey will be just like that. It is however close to that experience.

In this game, you’ll be searching for highly valued egg-shaped artifacts called Egg Wonders. Finding them won’t be easy and you’ll need to travel far to acquire what you seek. Hence the “Journey” in the title.

Rovio has developed hundreds of levels for this new game so you can expect to have plenty of content to go through. Especially given the nature of it being a casual game. This should make it really easy to pick up and play, and have levels to complete for quite a while. Assuming you don’t chew through 80% of them in half a day.


All or most of your classic Angry Birds are here. Plus Rovio has added a handful of new birds to make for some more exciting levels. Since the game is free you can play as much as you like without paying for it. It is also ad-supported though and there are microtransactions. So keep that in mind when going through levels and using anything up that you might also be able to buy from the store.

If you want to check the game out, you can grab it from the button below.

Angry Birds Journey - Play Store