Android Devices In 2022: Which Are The Best New Releases Planned For This Year?

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Mobile devices are something which have become central to all our lives. From smartphones to tablets, we just could not live without these handy tech marvels. Not only do they allow us to work in a more efficient and flexible way, they also enable us to have more fun in our spare time. When you think of the many things you can do on a modern smartphone, this is obvious to see.

Playing fun games at an online casino is certainly a good example and something lots of people now like to do in their spare time. This has led to the online casino sector growing massively recently and attracting players from all corners of the planet. As well as lots of safe internet casinos to game at and the excitement iGaming offers, the convenience of playing games like this on mobile devices has helped them to find favor.

When you also factor in using your mobile device to catch up with friends on social media sites or shop online, you can see how much they bring to our lives. While Apple’s range of iOS devices sell well, lots of people still opt for Android-powered mobile phones. This is often due to the lower price point these devices can have and the awesome features they contain.


2022 looks set to be another fabulous year for Android users – but which devices due to come out soon should you be keeping an eye out for?

Samsung Galaxy S22 – February 2022

News around the Samsung Galaxy S22 shipping date seems to suggest that it could hit stores in February 2022. This is major news for fans of Android phones. These handsets from Samsung have long been known for their quality and high-end features. The Galaxy S22 looks set to be no different – but what makes it so exciting?

To begin with, it will come with 5G network connectivity for faster speeds and lower latency when using the internet. It is set to offer a new, sleek look to users and comes with super-tough Gorilla Glass Victus Plus for added protection. When you also add rumors of an upgraded chipset for better processing power and a reworked camera which delivers improved picture quality, it is clear why so many are getting excited about the S22.


ASUS Rog 6 – May 2022

Another Android range of handsets which many people love is the Rog series from ASUS. While these are easy to use for a wide range of activities. such as texting, emailing and surfing the web, they have been a big hit with mobile gamers in particular. The Rog 6 is the latest phone to come from ASUS and is expected to hit the stands in May 2022. But what might it offer to users?

As well as the usual stylish design, this handset is set to ship with the next-gen Snapdragon chipset and a rear OLED display. It is also expected that the 360Hz sample rate from previous Rog’s will make an appearance. In addition, 18GB of RAM will be present and there will be 5G connectivity to enjoy – plus a lightweight 238-gram design.

Google Pixel 6a – summer of 2022

The Pixel 6 was a hit when recently launched and this makes rumors of a new Pixel 6a device coming out in summer 2022 a big deal. It should easily be one of the best new Android phones to consider buying in the coming year – especially if you would like a Pixel 6 but cannot quite afford it.


The 6a will follow the usual pattern Google has setup with branded ‘a’ handsets by coming in at a cheaper price point and a smaller size. The Google Pixel 6a’s specs show that there is no compromise on performance though. In addition to an impressive camera array, there should be a 6.2-inch OLED display and an on-screen fingerprint scanner for extra security.

2022 set to be a stellar year for Android smartphones

With all the furor surrounding Apple devices, it is easy to think that they hoover up the lion’s share of the mobile market. This is actually not true, and it is in fact Android devices which account for most of the mobile phone market. A large reason for this is the sheer choice and quality that choosing Android gives you access to. If you are wanting to know which the best Android handsets due to come out in 2022 are, the above are worth looking out for.