Check Out Android 13’s Notifications Permission Dialog 

Google Pixel 6 AM AH

Although Android 13 is still some distance away, there’s been no shortage of information on the upcoming mobile operating system. We’re now uncovering a feature already known to be on board with Android 13 – streamlined notifications permission.

A screenshot accessed by Android Police reveals how this would look. Whenever an app wants to send a notification, the dialog shown below appears. Users simply have two options – Allow and Don’t Allow. This is a one-time selection, as the system will remember to hide or show notifications from the app in the future. More specifically, the dialog box appears when an Android 13 app seeks the “POST_NOTIFICATIONS” runtime permission.

Android 13 Notifications Permission


Android 13 is also bringing a QR code scanner to the lock screen

Several leaks over the past few weeks have told us what to expect from the next major Android version. We recently learned about a QR code scanning feature built into the lock screen. This would be available via a toggle reading “allow access to the QR Scanner from the lock screen” in the Settings. Moreover, users should also find a Quick Settings tile for the purpose.

But it’s unclear if Google would offer a separate interface for QR code scanning or utilize the stock camera app. It’s clear, however, that the company wants to make this a big part of the user experience.

What else do we know about Android 13?

Last month, reports based on AOSP commits indicated that Android 13 could bring full Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio support. If you’re unaware, Bluetooth LE Audio uses lower power than the Classic (BR/EDR) Bluetooth audio standard. Full support for Bluetooth LE Audio also enables features like multi-stream audio and audio broadcasting. Crucially, Bluetooth LE Audio could improve accessibility options by integrating with hearing aids.


On the visual front, a refined version of dynamic theming (monet) could be on the cards. Google could be developing up to four color combinations for its revamped dynamic theming system on Android 13.

Going by the low-key announcement of Android 12 in February last year, we’re expecting something similar for Android 13. So we may only be over a month away from the unveiling of the new OS, while dev previews should follow shortly after.