An Upgraded Version Of Chromecast With Google TV Could Be Incoming

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 6

Chromecast with Google TV could soon be getting another variant as per a new report. The device is reportedly codenamed “Boreal,” which appears to be in the same family as “Sabrina,” the codename for the existing Chromecast with Google TV unit. All hints point towards this being an upgraded version of the existing device.

Specs-related information is currently unavailable, though we expect to learn more in the weeks and months ahead. However, 9to5Google has reportedly viewed the related documentation, thus confirming the existence of this device. Separately, the site’s APK Insight team has also managed to spot the Boreal codename in prior reporting.

This would be the latest in the small list of first-party streaming products sold by Google. Although we don’t know what hardware it will pack, it should bring hardware decoding support for the AV1 format. There’s some mystery around the launch timeline for this upcoming Google TV device. But since the Chromecast with Google TV only arrived a little over a year ago, a successor anytime soon appears unlikely.


Customers have long complained about the lack of internal storage on Chromecast  with Google TV

As 9to5Google rightly points out, a rehashed version with additional storage wouldn’t require a new codename. This indicates that this Google TV device is still in early development, with a launch likely scheduled for later this year or maybe in 2023. Since Chromecast with Google TV is pretty limited in the hardware department, launching a beefier version of the streaming dongle makes some sense.

The lack of enough internal storage has been a big concern for several customers of Chromecast with Google TV. The problem was so widespread that Google had to post a guide on freeing up storage space on the device in November.

Customers can increase the storage on the device using the combination of a USB-C hub and an external storage device. However, this isn’t a practical (or affordable) solution for many customers.


But for all its shortcomings, the Chromecast with Google TV is still a pretty sweet deal, especially for its initial price tag of $49.99. Though many wish Google simply offered a 16 or 32GB storage variant for a slightly higher cost. Perhaps that will be the case with the upcoming addition to the Google TV family.

Chromecast with Google TV was in the news recently for encountering issues with the YouTube app. Several customers reported their device completely freezing while trying to play a video on the app. Some users found that navigating to “Reset App” under the YouTube app settings fixed the issue temporarily.