You're Going To Want To Check Out Luna's Games For January

Amazon Luna January Games

Amazon Luna steadily adds games every month, and January has some downright hits that you’ll want to check out. This includes at least two titles that are perfect for families. One of them is even multiplayer so everyone can get in on the fun at the same time.

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s cloud gaming service akin to the likes of Stadia, GeForce NOW, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s cloud option. You can subscribe to Luna through channels, which each channel having something different to offer.

The main channels is the Luna+ channel, and generally includes a much wider variety of games. There’s also the Family Channel with kid-friendly titles, and then the Ubisoft+ Channel for many of Ubisoft’s newest games and popular favorites over the last decade and more.


Amazon Luna gets three new games for January

January isn’t a particularly meaty month for Luna titles. Not yet anyway, as Amazon may add more. But the ones that will be added are definitely worth playing. This includes Kine, an incredibly popular (for good reason) 3D puzzle game. This will be added to the Family Channel and is a great game for both kids and adults.

Because of its more cute and casual theme, it’s appropriate for kids. And even if you’re not a kid the 3D puzzle gameplay is still wildly fun. In addition to Kine, both Monopoly Madness and Rainbow Six Extraction are being added to the Ubisoft+ channel.

Rainbow Six Extraction won’t be out until January 20, so that’s when it should pop up in the Ubisoft+ channel for Luna subscribers. Monopoly Madness on the other hand doesn’t have a launch date listed other than sometime this month.


Don’t overlook last month’s games either

This month’s games are sure to be a hit, but don’t forget about the ones added in December of 2021. There were 9 titles in all that were added to Luna last month. At the head of the pack for those games are Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Devil May Cry 5, Katana Zero, Judgement, and Chorus.

Additionally, Amazon also added Disc Room, DreamWorks Spirit: Lucky’s Big Adventure, Myst, and Adventure Time: Pirates Of Enchiridion. Fans of the Yakuza series will want to check out Like A Dragon and Judgement. As they both sit within the same franchise. Fans of space games meanwhile should check out Chorus.