Amazon Luna Games For February Include The Medium

Amazon Luna controller

January saw the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction and a couple of other games come to Amazon Luna, and February falls sort of in the same boat. There’s one title that we’d refer to as a AAA heavy hitter and one more title that fits right in with smaller indie releases.

This is mostly typical for Amazon’s Luna releases. Oftentimes there are more than two games being added for any given month though. One or two of which are usually larger games and the others are smaller indie titles.

With Amazon having confirmed only two games February so far, Luna is having a bit of a light addition. Especially compared to most of its other monthly game library expansions. And as per usual, one title is a Luna+ game. While the other will be headed to the Family channel.


Amazon Luna adds The Medium and Heave Ho for February

One game for the whole family and one for you after you get some alone time to enjoy a less kid-friendly title. Heading into the weekend, you might be looking for something to play with the kids.

If that sounds like your Friday night or Saturday afternoon, then consider checking out Heave Ho. It’s a delightfully simple to learn (but hard to master) platform game where you must heave your friends to safety. You’ll start at one end of the level and must make your way to the goal post. But to do so you have to whip your dangling friend across wide chasms.

Drop them and it’s game over. If they miss the grab from the next friend it’s game over. But succeed in crossing the divide and you get to move on.


As for The Medium, players take control of a character with powerful psychic abilities to travel between two realities and unravel strange goings on at an abandoned communist resort. There’s a fair bit of puzzle solving and action gameplay involved as well. But, as noted this is definitely meant for more mature players. Both titles will popping up sometime this month if you’re curious to give either one a try.