Alpine's Newest Receiver Boasts Wireless Android Auto

iLX F511 GMC Sierra RUX H02

Alpine came to CES 2022 with a few new receivers, including one that has Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay – it also works wired. Which definitely caught our attention.

There’s technically two that feature wireless Android Auto and CarPlay. There’s the iLX-F511 and the iLX-F509, which are 11-inch and 9-inch touchscreen receivers, respectively. In addition to that, these also feature high-resolution audio playback. Giving you a great audio experience in the car.

“We are excited to announce our new Alpine Halo Receivers and the new features that are included,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, Brand Business Unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “These next-generation receivers will exceed customer expectations for a premium driving experience.”


A floating screen in your car

The new Alpine receivers look like floating screens in your vehicle, which make for a really cool look. It also has adjustable height, depth and angle mounting brackets. These are both standard 1-DIN chassis and are designed to fit aftermarket ISO DIN dash kits for most vehicles.

These are both larger than a lot of the Android Auto and CarPlay screens that automakers include in their vehicles. For example, GM sticks with 6- or 7-inch screens in most of their vehicles. Imagine getting an 11-inch screen in your console, that’s going to be so much space for streaming music and for Google Maps or other navigation.

Both of these receivers will be available in February 2022. The iLX-F509 will retail for $999.95, while the larger iLX-F511 will retail for $1199.95. That’s actually not to bad of a price. Considering the first Android Auto receivers that launched back in 2015-2016 were about the same price, for much smaller screens – and no wireless Android Auto either. You’ll be able to get the receivers from Alpine Authorized retailers and at Preferred Online Stores. Finally, installation options are available on Alpine’s website, through its store locator.