A YouTuber Left His Switch OLED On For 75 Days

Nintendo Switch OLED Model 1

The gaming community at large expressed mixed emotions about the Nintendo Switch OLED. An iterative update to 2017’s original Switch, the Switch OLED brought, among other minor features, a larger 7-inch OLED display. A YouTuber decided to leave his on for a full 75 days to see if the screen would burn in at all.

The Switch OLED was left on a static image for 75 days

It’s no doubt that the Switch OLED has a more pleasing display. It’s bigger, brighter, and it has more saturated colors with deep blacks. Games definitely look better on the OLED version, but as the YouTuber, Wulffden, pointed out, one thing people worry about is OLED burn-in.

When an OLED display displays the same image over an extended period of time, it will leave a ghost of that image. This ghost will be displayed even when the screen is displaying another image. When this happens, the screen can be a pain to look at. Wulffden wanted to test just how this screen holds up to weeks of abuse.


He took a screenshot from Zelda Breath of The Wild and left the display on the entire time. He used a turbo controller to constantly tap the R button and keep the system from going to sleep. After the experiment, he took another Switch OLED which was only slightly used and compared both of the screens.

And the results are…

From his observation, he wasn’t able to see any significant burn-in at all. He pointed to a slight shift in some of the whites and a slight hint of green in a blue section of the screen; however, this is extremenly miniscule. There was virtually no difference between the two displays. This is impressive no matter how you look at it.

Anyone who knows the tech world wouldn’t be shocked to know that the Switch OLED’s panels were made by Samsung. The korean tech giant is the world leader when it comes to mobile OLED displays, providing displays to the mass majority of smartphones, and this includes iPhones.


What is the Switch OLED again?

Back in October of last year, Nintendo launched the Switch OLED, and it garnered mixed reactions from gamers. This device brought much the same core gaming experience as the original Switch but with some additions. Aside from the improved display, this system come with 64GB of storage, a wider stand, Ethernet built-in, and better speakers. If you’re interested in buying on, you can buy one stright from Nintendo fo $349.99.