4 Characteristics That Make MMORPGs Stand Out

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MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is a type of video game that combines the best features of a massively multiplayer online game and a role-playing video game. In role-playing games, you have to play the role of a character in the game. Your choices and actions will dictate the game’s outcome and how far you reach in your missions. MMORPGs differ from multiplayer or single-player RPGs in how you communicate with players. In MMORPGs, you can interact with online players, making your gaming experience far more immersive.

A few facts about MMORPGs

Did you know that the MMORPG industry made more than half a billion dollars way back in 2005? The massive revenue indicates how popular these games are around the world. For example, one of the most popular MMORPGs, World of Witchcraft, had more than 10 million subscribers in 2014. It made over $1.04 billion that year, thanks to the super crazy fans.

Another game called Star Wars: The Old Republic gained over a million subscribers within three days after its launch. The game went on to become the fastest-growing MMO ever in the world. But why are these games so popular? What makes them stand out? Let’s take a look.


Best features of MMORPGs

1. Themes

You may notice that most MMORPGs have traditional fantasy themes that take place in an in-game universe. A few games may also have hybrid themes that merge fantasy elements with themes, such as crime fiction, sword, and sorcery, or science fiction. In addition, many developers are trying to implement thematic materials from various American comic books. They merge the storylines with new characters and assign tasks involving loot, monsters, and quests.

2. Progression

Developing your character is one of the most crucial aspects of MMORPGs. However, it may take time, depending on your skills and decisions. If you need to boost your character and make it stronger for the following levels but don’t have available resources, you can buy boosters online. MmoGah, for one, is a leading online store that sells various boosters for different games. Use your online gaming currency to buy them and progress to the next level faster and more efficiently.

3. Social interaction

Most MMORPGs allow you to communicate with other online players. You can build your clan in a few games and defeat other clans. This depends on the type of game and its storyline. You may have to play as a team to complete different levels. Playing as a team involves protecting your team members, healing their injuries, and inflicting damage on the enemies.


4. Roleplaying

MMORPGs provide flexibility in roleplaying. Unlike RPGs, where you have to pick a character and stick to it for the rest of the game, MMORPGs allow you to select any character you want. So, for example, if you’re going to play the role of a wizard, you may have the option to branch out to another class, opening up new skills and different playstyles.

5. Culture

When you start playing an MMORPG, you become a part of the community. A community that has different sub-cultures. The sub-cultures have their own metaphors and slangs. You can pick them up when you interact with other players in your team. If you are new to MMORPGs, you may often come across terms, such as buffs, nerfs, or grind.

Grind is a slang that gamers use when they have to take part in a time-consuming activity that doesn’t make the game interesting. On the other hand, buff mean upgrading any weapon and nerf mean downgrading a game mechanic. Now that you know what the common slangs and metaphors mean, use them appropriately while interacting with fellow gamers.


It’s no surprise that MMORPGs continue to be popular. Even with the rise of mobile gaming, many gamers still play MMORPGs on their phone, which only proves that this genre is here to stay.