YouTube TV Is Giving Everyone A $15 Credit, Even If You Canceled

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When YouTube TV first broke the news last week that it might lose Disney channels on December 17, it said that if it happened, the price would drop $15. Bringing it down to $49.99/month. That happened, but then the agreement was made on Sunday, and the 17 channels that were removed, were restored.

But YouTube TV is still giving everyone a $15 credit, even if you did opt to cancel the service. That’s a nice gesture from YouTube TV, and likely is costing them a ton of cash. But it’s a nice “goodwill” effort to potentially get those that canceled to come back to YouTube TV.

As YouTube TV stated, “As we promised a $15 discount while the Disney content remained off-platform, we will still honor a one-time credit for all impacted Base Plan members.”


YouTube TV explains how this credit will work for each type of user

YouTube TV says that those active members that did not receive the discount on their monthly bill yet, will get a one-time credit on their next bill. The settings of YouTube TV will not reflect this credit until you are charged for your next billing cycle.

Those that are paused “will receive this credit one month after their first charge.”

Additionally, those that are billed through Verizon, “will automatically receive this as a one-time discount of $15 on their next bill. After that, the monthly price will revert back to $64.99 for new and existing members.”


Finally, for those that cancelled YouTube TV (remember, it does not cancel until your billing period is over), “we will still honor the one-time $15 credit on your bill if you resume your membership before you lose access.” So if you canceled, then Disney channels came back and you want to come back to YouTube TV, you can reactivate and get your $15 credit.

This is great news from YouTube TV. Of course, customers would also love to see this become the regular price of YouTube TV, since it jumped from $40 to $65 rather quickly. Though, it has stayed there for almost two years now.