YouTube Tests Updated Homepage UI With Upload Count & More On Mobile

YouTube Logo AM AH 1

Over the years, the YouTube app on mobile has received numerous updates tweaking the design of the platform. Now, recent reports confirm that YouTube is testing new updated homepage UI with some additional features.

Notably, the homepage of the YouTube app, especially on mobile, hasn’t seen any drastic change in recent times, apart from a few tweaks. That is going to change as the video streaming platform is testing an updated homepage UI with upload count and brief channel description.

Talking about the update, YouTube has now centrally aligned the header section of the channel. Previously, the header section of the channel was located on the left.


Moreover, earlier there wasn’t anything else apart from the number of subscribers and the Subscribe button below the header section of the channel.

However, with the new update, YouTube has tweaked the position of the subscriber count and also added a brief description section. You will now see the channel name on the top, with other elements, including the Subscribe button, number of subscribers, videos upload count, and the description of the channel below the channel name.

The new YouTube homepage UI update doesn’t seem to be widely available as of yet

Another important thing to notice on the channel homepage UI is that the Upload section of the channel is now almost entirely out of view. The new update seems to give more information about the channel in less time.


According to 9To5Google, this new updated YouTube channel homepage UI feature is live for select users with the app version 16.49.37, but it doesn’t seem to be out for everyone as of yet.

So, we believe that this is another one of those A/B testings that YouTube does very often. If that is the case then, the updated homepage UI would be live for more people in the coming days.

Besides, as rightly noted by 9To5Google, the channel homepage isn’t the place where users spend much of their time. So chances are that the feature is already live for your device, but you haven’t noticed it yet. If this is true for you, then you might as well want to check it.


Recently, YouTube brought one of the most important features introduced to the platform, i.e. the video chapters features to select Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

This feature is already available for mobile app users, and it lets you skip to the particular section of the video that you wish to see.