YouTube Now Lets You Unmute And Scrub Videos In The Feed

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For a while now, YouTube’s been letting us preview videos right in the video feed. Now, silently released an update that gives us just a bit more control over those video previews. We now have some rudimentary but useful controls over these YouTube video previews.

You can unmute and scrub YouTube video previews

When you’re scrolling through your YouTube video feed, you’re likely to see a video that piques your interest, but you don’t want to open up the whole video. This is where the video previews come in. However, until now, you couldn’t really do anything with those previews.

Now, that’s all changed. YouTube just released an update where you can control those video previews. For starters, if you want to hear the video, the option to unmute the video is right on the top right of the preview. Next to that, you have the option to enable and disable the closed captions.


If you want to navigate to a different part of the video, you can also do that. When the video preview starts playing, you’ll see a navigation bar appear. Now, you can navigate the video preview just like any YouTube video you open.

Make sure you are on the right version of YouTube

If you’re looking for this feature and you can’t find it, you might not be on the right version of YouTube. I’m running version 16.46.37. Find YouTube on the Play Store, tap “What’s New”, and go all the way to the bottom. There, you’ll see the version number. Update the app if you need to.

If you don’t have the option to update, then you might just have to wait for it to land on your phone. Most of the time, updates reach different phones at different times. I was able to get this on my LG Velvet and my Pixel 6.


In Other YouTube News: YouTube may be testing out Material You Design

Tons of Google apps have already gotten the Material You design language, but YouTube has been sticking to its same design. That, however, is about to change, as the company seems to be testing a Material You design element.

There’s a leaked screenshot showing the like, dislike, share, and add to playlist buttons outlined in a pill-shaped bubble. This is the same kind of round and bubbly shape we see all around Android 12. There’s no word on when we can expect a full overhaul of the YouTube app, but we can expect to see more changes eventually.