The YouTube App Is Testing Out Material You

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Material You is spreading its influence across all of Google’s apps, as Android 12 is reaching more devices. We’ve all been waiting for YouTube to get this change, and, according to the Google News Telegram Channel, our wait might soon come to an end. We’re starting to see the Material You Influence in the YouTube app for Android.

The Material You Influence is still slight in the YouTube app

While a ton of changes came to Android with Android 12, there are some hallmark features that gathered the most attention. One is the heavy emphasis on rounded UI elements and bubbly pill-shaped buttons.

YouTube is now starting to test with the Android app. In a screenshot taken by @nonyonah on Telegram, we see some round pill-shaped bubbles right under the video. These outline the like, dislike, share, create, add to playlist, and download buttons.


While this isn’t the revolutionary facelift that we saw with other Google apps, it means that YouTube is finally taking the steps to bring in Material You. It’s really hard to say just how else YouTube plans on adding the Material You design language to the app.

People are definitely expecting Dynamic Color to be implemented into the app. It’d be interesting seeing the YouTube interface reflect the overall theme of the phone.

This is only being tested at the moment

Right now, these new button outlines are being tested on a limited number of phones, so we can’t say when we’ll be seeing any changes in a public release. It might take some work to do the full change to the YouTube app, so, for all we know, this change could take months.


However, the fact that we see some sort of effort from YouTube is a good sign. It’d be neat to see the YouTube app all dressed in the Material You look.

YouTube With Material You Buttons



In other YouTube News: YouTube App For Android TV Gets A New Playlist UI

YouTube just added a small yet useful change to the YouTube app for Android TV. Previously, when you would select a playlist, the app would automatically play it from the beginning. Now, with this latest update, it no longer does that.

When you select a playlist, it will display all of the videos and give you the option to play them, loop the videos, or add it to your library. From that view, you can choose which video you want to play rather than starting from the beginning. This makes using this function a lot better.