Your Android May Be Powered By This In The Future

EM engine image

Where does the energy for your Android come from? Do you plug it into the wall? Do you use some kind of battery charger?

…and does that energy come from solar power? Or a nuclear power plant?

A company called Wolven Industries is developing an electromagnetic engine through which you can charge your Android devices without worrying about the availability of electricity. The electromagnetic engine converts magnetic force into mechanical energy, and then that mechanical energy into electrical energy. Renewable energy which is also known as clean energy is produced from natural sources that are continuously restocked by the nature. Sunlight is one of the natural sources that are used for renewable energy production. However, its availability depends on time and weather conditions.


Renewable energy is often considered as a new technology to generate electricity, yoking the power of nature has long been used for heating, lighting, and more. Several natural sources have been used for a variety of purposes. For instance, the wind has been used to power the boats and windmills to grind the grains. Similarly, the sunlight has provided warmth throughout the day and is now used to produce solar energy for both residential and industrial sectors. Since renewable energy is becoming an important source of power, tech vendors and scientists have invented less expensive ways to produce energy from such sources. Experts at the Wolven Industries have designed an electromagnetic engine that would be a reliable source of energy renewable by clean energy sources.

What is an Electromagnetic (EM) Engine?

The upcoming Electromagnetic Engine is a modular generator designed by Wolven Industries. It captures energy from the propulsive force of homogenously charged magnets and converts it into electricity. Scientists say that it would be an advanced source of energy with capabilities to change the industry.

Ways the EM Engine can Change the World

The EM Engine designed by Wolven Industries would be an advanced source of energy renewable by clean energy sources without having any major negative impact on the environment and nearby. When it’s finished, it could effectively address the problems that other renewable and traditional energy sources may have.


Below are some excellent features of the EM engine that makes it unique among other energy sources out there:

  • The electromagnetic engine has the tendency to charge Android devices like smartphones and smartwatches.
  • The EM engine has the potential to change the world because of its realistic manufacturability. Its direct competitors may have excellent performance in a proper laboratory setup. Hence, the concept is a bit difficult to market on a large scale.
  • Scientists say that the enclosure of this device can be adjusted to be ‘jagged’ if to be used in military space.
  • The device can be designed in pocket-friendly size to power up handheld android devices and electronics.
  • The giant-sized versions of the EM engine can also be created to replace the traditional source of home energy.
  • Vehicle-sized versions of this modular generator can also be created to power up giant-sized vehicles ranging from electric cars to electric jets.
  • The estimated life of this electricity generator is longer than other sources of energy, like solar panels. Modular propulsion magnets are an integral part of this device and they are rechargeable for generating more electricity.
  • Modular propulsion magnets used in the device can easily be recharged anytime anywhere with a clean energy source that generates high voltage required for recharging. This as a result contributes to a zero-carbon initiative to keep the environment clean and healthy.
  • If the EM engine collapse, the disk will bounce around inside the enclosure to help prevent injuries or damages. If the disk would break and escape the body, possibly no one would still get injured. It poses not many threats to the nearby and environment like a nuclear collapse poses.

NOTE from the Scientists

While working on this advanced energy-generating engine, scientists say that they expect the MK-1 version of the Electromagnetic engine might not work as properly as planned. This is the reason behind the ‘MK’ system and the MK-2 version is also developed to bring necessary changes in the device and make it work properly in order to charge android devices. They are expecting future versions of the device to work increasingly better under the framework of the laws of thermodynamics to end up with an advanced and better-engineered device.

Because of this, it will not be for sale on the open market for some time. But its definitely something for all electronic users to look forward to!