You Could Soon Be Able To Repost TikTok Videos

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TikTok may soon let you repost other users’ videos. The video-based social network giant is testing a new “Repost” button in the app. The button appears when you try to share a video, social media consultant Matt Navarra has spotted. It sits alongside the existing sharing options.

According to Navarra, TikTok videos that you have reposted are only visible to your followers. They don’t appear on your timeline publicly. Also, Twitter user Elodie Flenniau, who seems to have access to the new Repost button on TikTok, has discovered that you cannot repost videos from other users’ profiles. The repost feature only works for videos on the “For You” page.

This implementation of the repost feature isn’t ideal though. Firstly, people wouldn’t be comfortable reposting videos when they can’t see what they have reposted later. After all, if you’re sharing something on social media, let alone as insanely popular as TikTok, you would always want to have control over it.


Moreover, since you cannot see your reposted TikTok videos, you will not have access to their reach data. This means the repost feature is pretty much useless for brand collaborations.

That said, the feature is likely in the very early stages of development. So TikTok could change how it works before the Repost button makes its way out to the public. Perhaps there will be a new section for reposted videos in your profile, so you can see what you have reposted and make changes later on if you need to. Or maybe reposted TikTok videos will be public if the source video is public. We shall find that out in the coming months if the company intends to release the new feature to everyone.

TikTok could finally add an official way to repost videos

TikTok currently doesn’t offer an official way to repost videos. Many users rely on third-party apps to download the videos and then re-upload them to their profiles. But this could lead to a copyright warning at times, forcing them to take down those posts.


Thankfully, it appears the company has recognized that users want to share their favorite videos with their followers. It is now seemingly on the way to delivering an easy way of doing it. Simply tap the Repost button and you’re done. Reposted videos will likely include some sort of label like on Instagram.

As of now, this feature seems to be available to very few TikTok users. It could reach more users in the coming weeks as the company progresses with its development. We will keep you posted as and when we have more information.

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