This Concept Gaming Mouse Could Act As A Portable Game Drive

XPG Vault Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse that acts as a storage drive for games is an idea that XPG is working on with The Vault. A concept gaming mouse that it has just unveiled for CES 2022, which starts next week.

Though this is still just a concept, XPG has a vision for letting you carry your games with you on the very device you’ll use to control your movement in those games. Truth be told though, it’s a product category that, seems a little niche. If not at least initially.

If your games tend to be portable, then you’re probably equipped with one of two things. A desktop PC that’s either small enough to carry around, or a gaming laptop. Potentially negating any need for a mouse that can store those games for you when you leave home. But, the XPG Vault could serve another purpose. Additional game storage. Especially considering the size of the drive in the concept.


XPG wants the Vault gaming mouse to come with 1TB of storage

XPG says the current prototype of its concept can hold up to 1TB of solid state memory for storing games. Even if you have a gaming laptop, an extra 1TB of space for your games could be a huge benefit.

Perhaps no more important for people that have some of today’s most expensive gaming laptops. Like the Razer Blade models. While Razer does sell configurations with larger SSDs, its base models all come with smaller amounts of storage. And that runs out quickly with how large some of today’s games are.

That being said, a mouse with a 1TB SSD inside could prove to be more costly than your average gaming mouse. So even if does move from a concept to an actual product XPG sells, it might not be cheap.


The mouse would also come with a gaming software that XPG says would make your games “conveniently portable, and offer a higher level of gaming integration.” XPG doesn’t mention any other specs. Nor does it mention if the mouse would let you play games from the drive or simply store them.