Xiaomi Shares Global MIUI 13 Update Schedule

MIUI 13 Chinese version

Xiaomi announced MIUI 13 yesterday, along with its Xiaomi 12 series devices, in China. The fact it was announced in China is why we didn’t cover it, even though we covered the Xiaomi 12 series launch. Global MIUI 13 build will be quite a bit different. That being said, Xiaomi did share a global MIUI 13 update rollout scheduled now, so let’s take a look.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the global Xiaomi 12 series will launch with both Android 12 and MIUI 13 out of the box. If you do own one of the already-released Xiaomi smartphones, read on.

Global MIUI 13 rollout will begin in Q1 2022, says Xiaomi

The MIUI 13 global rollout will kick off in Q1 2022. Xiaomi has listed quite a few devices for the first batch of updates. The Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11i, Mi 11X, and Mi 11X Pro are listed first.


This is not surprising at all, as that is Xiaomi’s crown jewel series, well, at least it was until the Xiaomi 12 dropped. The Xiaomi Pad 5 is listed right after those phones. This is Xiaomi’s latest tablet, and it’s actually quite compelling. It’s one of the few Android tablets that actually managed to get into the spotlight.

The Redmi 10 and Redmi 10 Prime are also getting MIUI 13 in the first batch. The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE, Xiaomi 11 Lite NE, and the Redmi Note 8 2021 are also listed here. The same goes for the Xiaomi 11T, 11T Pro, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, and Redmi Note 10.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, Mi 11 Lite 5G, and Redmi Note 10 JE are closing down the list Xiaomi published. Xiaomi is planning to release more details on other batches of updates, but these are the devices that will get it first.


The list for the Chinese market is considerably different from this one. Different models have been released in China in the past, and quite a bit more of them.

Various improvements is expected, but not much is known at the moment

Now, the global build of MIUI 13 will bring a number of improvements to the tablet. Xiaomi did share some information regarding MIUI 13 for the Chinese market, but not for the global market. It also didn’t go into immense detail.

What you can expect to come to the global version is…. Improved performance. Xiaomi claims we’ll get 15-percent fewer dropped frames in third-party applications. Xiaomi’s native apps will also run considerably better in that regard, up to 23-percent.


Features like face verification protection, fraud protection, and privacy watermark have been mentioned, but truth be said, we’re not sure if any of these will make it to the global build. Quite frankly we’ll have to wait for the global launch to know more.