Xbox Is Inviting More Insiders To Test Out Early Alpha Features

Xbox Insider Alpha Features Test

Being an Xbox Insider sometimes gets you early access to special stuff, but there’s an even more exclusive side of the Xbox Insider program called the Alpha rings, which open up access to test early features. Well before other users.

This is an invite-only program and Microsoft is fairly selective about who gets in. In addition to how many people are allowed to be a part of the programs. Today, Microsoft has announced that it’s opening up access to more Insider members who want to test out some of these Xbox Alpha features.

Naturally, you’ll need to be an Xbox Insider before you can receive an invite. If you’re not already signed up to be an Xbox Insider, you should do that right away. After that, you should be able to request an invite to become an Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead participant.


Microsoft is seeking Alpha Skip-Ahead members from the Xbox Insider program

Although Microsoft has two Alpha rings, it says that it’s beginning with targeting the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring this time around. However, there will be an ability to request Alpha ring access, through filling out a form you can find from Microsoft’s announcement post.

There are differences between the two Alpha rings. So it’s important to keep that in mind as sometimes, one Alpha ring will get access to test features that the other ring will not. Though, both rings will get access to release builds before other Insider rings. And of course before general availability which rolls out to all users.

You sign up to receive an invite through your console

To become an Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead member, you need to sign up through your console. You do so from the Activities tab inside of the Xbox Insider Hub section on the Xbox console. Additionally, you can request to switch from one Alpha ring to the other if you’re already a member of one of them.


Again, Microsoft states you need to request this change in the survey it has provided. So make sure to do that if you’re interested in testing out other release builds that may come along.