Watch Faces For The Pixel Watch May Have Been Leaked

Google Pixel Smartwatch Leak 8

Rumors surrounding Google’s Pixel Watch are heating up as we near 2022. Right now, there’s a Wear OS 3 emulator on Android Studio, and According to 9To5Google, there appear to be Pixel Watch watch faces in there. This could further confirm this watch’s existence.

A short video shows these Pixel Watch watch faces

If you want to try out Wear OS 3, there are only two ways to do so. You can either buy a Galaxy Watch or use the Wear OS 3 emulator. Back in May, Google released the Wear OS 3 emulator on Android Studio for people to try out.

However, seven months later, the APK teardown team 9To5Google discovered a video hidden within the emulator’s code. This video shows a total of 10 new watch faces that weren’t previously there. This video cycles through the watch faces as though it were a commercial. All of the watch faces have an entrance and exit animation.


It leads us to believe that these watch faces could be for the rumored Pixel Watch. If so, then we have a sneak peek of what kind of watch faces the company will load on the Pixel Watch.

The watch faces reflect the watch itself

Looking at the watch faces and looking at the watch itself, you can see a similar theme throughout. All of the watch faces have a minimalist look and feel to them. They all have a black background with flat graphics. They’re all really simple and straightforward, and they all looked themed with Material You.

This matches the aesthetic of the Pixel Watch itself. The watch has a minimalist design based on the renders we’ve seen so far. We see a flat and simple design for the Pixel watch with a 2.5D curve to the display. There’s one button, and that’s it.


Google may be going for a clean and minimalist design all around with the Pixel Watch. This only makes us more excited to see what this device will offer.

What is the Google Pixel Watch?

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve been following rumors of a smartwatch that’s manufactured by Google. It’s expected to be called the Pixel Watch, and it may be the next entry in the Pixel ecosystem of devices.

Based on the leaked renders, we see a really nice-looking watch with a smooth all-around look. It’s not going for a luxurious look like some watches. It’s going for a minimalist design.
We don’t know anything about the internals, but we can expect it to be one of the first smartwatches to run Wear OS 3 besides the Galaxy Watches. More information about this watch will come out as we get closer to an official release.