Vivaldi Browser 5.0 Brings Two Rows Of Tabs, Shareable Themes & More

Vivaldi Browser 5 0 image 1

Vivaldi Browser just got a 5.0 update, and that version brings quite a few new features to the browser. Do note that both Android and desktop versions of the browser received this update, though features are different in comparison, of course.

Before we begin, do note that Vivaldi Browser puts a huge emphasis on privacy, which is why it became quite popular. The company says that it does not track or profile its users. That being said, let’s get started, with Android changes first.

Vivaldi Browser 5.0 for Android brings two-level tabs stacks

The main change in this 5.0 update for Android comes in form of two-level tab stacks. This is supposed to help you manage your tabs more easily. You can see the feature in action down below.


That’s not all, though, the company also improved the tab interface on Android. You now have more ways to tweak the Tab Bar. You can include tabs that can appear really small (as small as a favicon), so that you have more room for other stuff.

Vivaldi Browser favicon tabs 1

Now, the company made sure that tablets and Chromebooks are also thrown into the mix. You’ll get a new side panel on those devices. This is supposed to help you become more productive. It’s always nice to see tablet-specific features on Android, we need more of those.


The desktop version has a lot more theming options

So, what’s new on a desktop? Well, the company has introduced a translate panel with one-step auto-translate option. This will help you translate web pages and text snippets, no extra clicks necessary.

In addition to that, the company revamped theming options, and brought shareable themes into the mix. You can customize the Vivaldi Browser on your desktop with ease, and also share themes with your friends. The theme editor is included in the mix, giving you a lot more options for customization.