Twitter Acquires Quill To Improve Messaging

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A big part of the “social” in social media has to do with private messages. Twitter’s notorious “DMs” have been a big part of the core Twitter experience, but it looks like the company wants to make some improvements. Twitter recently announced that it acquired the company Quill to help boost its messaging platform.

Twitter acquired Quill because of its messaging prowess

Twitter’s DM situation is as straightforward as any. You send a message, the receiving party gets the message, and literally nothing else. There are a few settings that you can change, and that’s pretty much it.

Buying Quill means that Twitter wants to make some serious changes, and Quill is a serious messaging platform. It has a similar format to Slack. It allows for personal messaging, but it also allows you to chat with people in public channels.


Quill was introduced as a competitor to Slack, but it’s yet to really muscle in on the large share of the market that Slack has. Right now, Quill has less than 10 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store, but it has a solid 4.3 star rating.

We don’t know how this acquisition will affect Twitter just yet

Right now, it seems that the companies have just finished dotting the i’s on the contracts, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going to happen. We know that we will see some new features coming to Twitter’s DMs.

We might see a suite of different messaging tools such as Slack-like channels. This would be helpful to people who do a lot of group messaging on Twitter. We may also see different ways that people can interact with messages.


Since Twitter just acquired Quill, we most likely won’t see any major changes for a while. We might see some new stuff in a couple of months, so if you’re excited about this, you’ll be waiting a bit.

In Other News: Super Follows Makes Its Way To Android

Do you want to be able to show support for your favorite Twitter users in more ways? Well, you now have your chance. Twitter introduced Super Follows a while back, and now, the function has made its way to Android phones.

When you Super Follow a user, you’ll be paying them a monthly fee of either $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99. If you do this, you’ll gain access to Super Follower-only content. You’ll be able to see and interact with exclusive tweets. This could be great for artists, musicians, content creators, etc. who want to monetize their work.