Toshiba's New Fire TVs Might Be The Most Impressive Yet

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Toshiba’s new M-Series Fire TV models go on sale today, starting at $800.

That’s actually pretty expensive for a 55-inch Fire TV model. Considering a lot of others are under $500. However, this TV from Toshiba is a much higher-end TV, and even has a 120Hz native panel.

On top of that 120Hz native panel, you also get Dolby Vision for video, and Dolby Atmos for audio. There’s also support for DTS:X audio. Which is going to provide a really incredible audio and video experience for users.


For gamers, there is auto low latency mode, but Toshiba has not confirmed whether there is 4K/120Hz input or VRR available on here. Even though this is a 120Hz native panel. We should find out pretty soon.

These new TVs run on Amazon’s Fire TV platform

As expected, these new TVs from Toshiba do run on Fire TV. That means that all of your favorite apps are available here. That includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu and many more. There’s also support for Alexa, allowing you to find something to watch with your voice. Also use Alexa to check on your security cameras, turn on or off your lights and much more.

Fire TV is one of the more popular smart TV systems out there, and it’s getting some really good options these days. This new lineup from Toshiba is the most premium set of TVs ever to run on Fire TV. Normally, Fire TV sets are cheaper models, as Amazon wants the market share. It’s good to see them looking to bring in more premium options though.


The new Toshiba M-Series Amazon Fire TV models are on sale now at Best Buy and Amazon. It’s already $150 off at Best Buy and includes a free Echo Dot.

Toshiba M-Series - Best Buy