Top Two Android Sports Betting Apps That American Bettors Should Download

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The American sports betting market continues to grow at quite a pace. More and more states have passed the relevant legislation required to allow online gambling, and that’s led to an influx of players in the sportsbook field, some of which are very much fit for purpose, others very much less so.

If you are an Android user, then you’ll want to find sportsbooks that not only offer mobile apps that work on your device but also offer the same level of complexity and scale as they do on their desktop versions, which isn’t always the case.

Making the most of each and every sports bet you place is part and parcel of a sustainable, profitable sports betting strategy; that’s why you’ll need to find a sportsbook that works for your own needs.


Similarly, when it comes to both the rookie and more experienced sports bettor, we strongly recommend this PropShop app which helps you make those interesting side bets that can soon add up, which also makes the games you are viewing all that more exciting and financially worthwhile.

Often sports betting sites approach their mobile services in a haphazard fashion, leading to a below-par service for your device, but here are two sportsbooks that offer great Android betting apps


Clearly, FanDuel is very big in the US sportsbook betting market, and we can heartily endorse their Android app, which is one of the best around. It offers the same level of scope as their desktop, and that makes using their site on your device much more rewarding.


When you sign up, you’ll get a great risk-free bet worth up to $1000, and they are licensed in 12 US states, and that makes it easier if you happen to be traveling for business and want to be still able to place your bet from your latest hotel stop.

These guys offer very competitive odds and a wide range of betting options; this means that not only can you back just about every bet imaginable on an NBA game you are watching, but if you want to place a bet on a less glamorous sport (such as table tennis), then they also have you covered.


Another big player in the sports betting market and a provider that takes care of Android users. Once again, every aspect of their desktop service is apparent on the app, and the way in which their interface has been put together makes it all the easier to find the bet you are after.


Indeed, we go as far as to say that the DraftKings android app experience is actually preferable to their desktop; that’s how smooth and intuitive it is.

The DraftKings app is also great for in-play action, meaning that placing bets as the frenetic action is taking place is as easy as pie. This means when you place your bet on a buzzer-beating three-pointer, it will be completed in super quick time, meaning you can celebrate as hard as the NBA team that sinks that key shot!