Play The Price Is Right From Home Using Just Your Voice

Echo Charcoal Sidetable

The Price Is Right is an iconic game show, and now you can play it from home using your voice and a smart speaker powered by Alexa. Volley, a company that specializes in voice-powered games for smart speakers, announced this week that it was releasing a The Price Is Right voice game for the Alexa device family.

And if you’re curious how it all works, you can actually play the game right now. Officially, the game went live via Alexa-enabled speakers on Monday December 13. But if you somehow missed that it was available, now’s your chance to give the game a go and see just how fun it can be.

And you don’t even have to appear on TV to participate. Although, that also means you don’t get any of the cool prizes like you would if you were an actual contestant on the show.


The Price Is Right Alexa voice game recreates the game show feel

While you won’t be winning any real prizes in this version of the game show, it does at least recreate that game show feel. “Contestants” in the voice game are tasked with guessing the correct prices of various items you can find on Amazon. Such as a garlic press, memory foam pillows, an 8-foot-tall garden gnome and more.

You also get to play Plinko. If you’re unfamiliar with Plinko, it’s a bit different from guessing the correct price of an item. Instead, you have to guess the correct digits in a partially revealed price of an item on display.

The new game is compatible with just about any Alexa-enabled device. Including the Echo, Echo Show, Fire TV, and more. This also likely includes the Echo Dot and anything else Alexa is integrated with.


Interestingly, players can also buy items from the voice game directly from Amazon. So it’s not really just a game, but also a unique way to entice players to shop. As mentioned above the game is already available to play. So if you want to give it a try, all you have to do is power on your Alexa speaker and come on down to the Price Is Right!